Couple skipped building inspection- Building Inspection Council

Skipping building inspection rights can wreck havoc on your dream home project and here is perfect example of it. 

A building inspection is a typical profession that needs specialized qualifications and years of experience to be a qualified building inspector.  Building Inspection Council has observed a significant percentage of building inspectors in the market are unqualified. The absence of any government regulation has made it possible for any person to claim to be a building inspector. Australian property buyers are getting duped by these inspectors and lose money in form of missed building defects.

How did the couple buy their first home?

Singh(33) and Jaspreet(30) just got married a couple of years ago and they were saving for the house since then. They want to start their family in their own house. They sought advice from their parents about the property and consulted their accountant regarding financial matters.

After some research, they started making offers but it was not working out. After few failed attempts, finally, their offer got accepted. Although it was not their dream home, but both husband and wife were happy. They had already stretched their budget to its limit so decided to skip the building inspection and this is where all the hell broke loose. 

What happens when you skip building inspection?

Loss - building inspectionSingh and Jaspreet visited that property and used a checklist from the internet to detect any building defects. But after they moved into the property, they discovered their worst nightmare in the property. The vendor has cleverly concealed 2 major problems in the property which has cost the couple $30,000.  

Water damage is the most common building defect in Australia and this house has 2 of them. The first water damage was in the roof cavity which happened due to broken roof tile. The vendor got the roof tile fixed and sealed the access to the attic. The ceiling was repainted to hide any water strains and the couple was delighted to see fresh paint.

The second problem was a water leak in one of the washrooms. The vendor washed the washroom just before their visit to disguise the leaks. There was no chance that this couple could have picked this water leak.

As the water damage deteriorates with time,  both the problems have to be fixed immediately. The already stretched couple has to arrange $30,000 in an emergency. The couple used the credit cards to their limit and borrowed money from family. This pushed them few years on their financial journey. 

What would have been a better approach?

Clearly this was outcome of skipping building inspection. A qualified building inspector would have easily detected these defects with his experience and tools (Thermal imaging, moisture meter, change in sound, etc.). Building inspectors have the experience to identify intentionally concealed building defects. They know where to look for and what to look for.

How Building Inspection Council can help property buyers?

The main root of the problem is ignorance of the importance of building inspection. Every consultant and expert strongly recommend an independent building inspection but still, property buyers give it a pass just to save few bucks. This small investment can protect you to become of the stat from catastrophic situations as we mentioned above.

Although finding a qualified building inspector is challenging but this is

A buyer's Guide to Building Inspection

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Couple skipped building inspection- Building Inspection Council