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Why Us

A community service with professional attitude


Building Inspectors are getting leads free of cost and saving is passed on to the customers.


We test each building inspector on our strict criteria, so that you get quotes from best building inspectors.

of Mind

Finding quality building inspector will give you peace of mind for the biggest investment of your life


Council maintain one of the most open system and give guarantee of honesty in every transaction. We provide detailed information about every process or transaction.


Detailed contact details of every building and pest inspector is posted on the website just in case you want to contact building inspectors directly  even before getting quotes.

No donation

Building inspection council does not take any donation from any person, business or organisation so that we cannot be influenced. We maintain our integrity strictly.

No Transaction

We never involve into any direct or indirect transaction with any business or organisation. Thus there is no chance of us getting biased towards any business.


Our team regularly maintain details about building inspectors regularly. Any rogue building inspector is removed immediately and new building inspectors are added after verification.


Although we are not-for-profit organization, still we execute our operation with utmost efficiency and  professionalism.


Our core team has more than 30 years of experience on average. This experience has helped us building a professional and dynamic organisation.

Trusted by

Every year  60,000 Australian property buyers trust us to find building inspector for the biggest investment of their life.

It's absolutely

Get your honest and genuine building inspection quotes from a not-for-profit council