Building Inspection Purpose

The main and foremost purpose of the building inspection is to give property buyers the information required to make an informed and confident decision of the purchase. The building inspection focus on the major defects that can cost the buyer a lot of money or may leave the building unsafe to live in. The other purpose of the building inspection is to verify compliance with the local code of building construction and minimum agreed-upon safety and quality standards.

All property purchases, new constructions, and remodels are highly advised to get a building inspection done. According to Building Inspection Council, here is the list of objectives of the successful building inspection:

  • To make the buyers aware of the true condition of the building they are intending to buy or building.
  • To make sure that the property meets the minimum safety standards for the occupants.
  • To check if the future home is fulfilling the requirements of the health safety for the future owner of the property.
  • To make sure that buyers know about the major defects in the building that may be expensive to repair or make the building unsafe for living.
  • To make sure that the potential buyers are aware of all the minor defects which may not be critical but collectively can cost a huge amount of money.
  • To check the building for any recent alteration or renovation without any required permission and registration.
  • To confirm if the property has any illegal add-ons or changes and making the buyer aware of these changes.
  • To provide all the information to the buyer about the property required to calculate the future cost of it.
  • To confirm if the building structure is built as per the specification in the plan and building code of the area.
  • To make sure that all the work on the property is done in accordance with required permissions.
  • In case of new construction, It makes sure that all the construction is done in accordance with minimum safety requirements
  • To communicate the finding during the building inspection to the client in an easy to understand and polite manner
  • To stand by with building inspection report in case of any conflict arise with vendor or agent.
  • To justify the building inspection report in the conflict turn into a court case.

Inspecting housesDuring the building inspection, the building inspector will inspect the safety risk, health risks, and any major defects.  In the case of new homes, the inspector will review if work is done in accordance with the approved plan and building code of construction. The inspector will issue an inspection report that will either pass the work or the building. it will list all the necessary corrections that must be finished prior to re-inspection.

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Building Inspection Purpose