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Problems Due to Incompetent Building Inspectors


A building inspection is a very critical part of property buying and must not be done by incompetent building inspector. It must be done for the property so that any defects in the building come to knowledge in time. Research shows that 100% of houses and apartments have building defects. These defects could be minor or major and can cost an enormous amount to the potential owner.

 Building Inspection is a very specialized skill.  It takes a lot of time and education to be a competent building inspector. A good and qualified building inspector has good knowledge of construction and building process meaning he knows about interior and exterior problems of the building like roof heating, electrical components, wiring, and proper place of Smoky alarms. He has a good eye for the details.

An incompetent building inspector fails the whole purpose of the building inspection. Inspectors will miss building defects which may cost the property buyers a massive amount. Here are some of the problems which incompetent building inspectors may cause:

1. Financial Risk:

An incompetent building inspector is highly prone to miss significant building defects. These missed building defects may cost thousands of dollars to the property buyers. Simple water leakage in the washroom can cost $15000 to fix.

2. Peace of Mind:

The main purpose of the building inspection is to have peace of mind about the condition of the building. By hiring an unqualified building inspector, you may save some money but you will lose your peace of mind.

3. Wrong decision-making

An incompetent building inspector may lead you to make a wrong decision.  A bargain deal may end up as a financial sinkhole due to missed building defects by the unqualified building inspector.  On the other hand,  if the inspector over-reported the defects, then you may end up missing the real bargain.

4. Legal Problems:

It is a legal requirement to have a license in Australia to work as a Building Inspector.  The buyer cannot cancel the sales contract on the basis of the inspection report prepared by the unqualified building inspector. You must check if the Inspector you are hiring has relevant experience and skills.

To sum up, remember if you try to save a penny for hiring an unqualified Inspector, an unprofessional inspection is carried out or the inspector will walk through the house pretend in to check all relevant things but turned out to be a sham. It is better to avoid a building inspection instead of hiring an incompetent building inspector. For free quotes from competent building inspector, click here

Problems Caused by Incompetent Building Inspector