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A humble initiative is now helping 60,000 property buyer, 430 building inspectors and 53 charities

Our story started with a simple question, Who is paying for the free quotes?  And answer is “end customers” or in this case property buyers. Not only property buyers pay for free quotes and they also end up getting inferior services too.  On the other hand, these free quote companies extort building inspectors  through creative schemes.

Building inspection council’s origin lies in the awful experiences  of customers and building inspectors with free quote providing companies. These companies claim to save money for property buyer but in reality, these companies do exactly opposite of that.

Building inspectors has to pay hefty commission for each lead even if they do not get business from that lead. Some companies charge up to $75 for each lead.  This adds up their business cost resulting into customer paying higher prices. On the top of that,  quote providing companies charge extra for highlighting building inspector, removing negative review, adding positive reviews etc. All this additional money comes from property buyer’s pocket.

Not only property buyer is paying higher prices, they also get services from some of the worst building inspectors.  As these companies are here to make money, they  sell  a lead to a building inspector ready to pay maximum  commission irrespective of  their qualification and experience.  Reputable building inspector get most of their work  just from references. It is usually  shoddy and dodgy building inspectors who are eager to pay anything  to get some business.

So there is a clear gap where building inspectors are struggling to get potential customers and customer are struggling to get qualified building inspectors. This gap gives us opportunity to envision a solution – Building Inspection Council,  where building inspector gets free leads  and customer gets quality advice from best inspectors at genuine prices.

As building inspectors is not paying anything for leads, so business cost goes down which is passed to the customer  in form of lower prices. Also we are not charging anything to building inspectors, so instead of giving leads to highest paying inspector,  we give leads to a building inspector who is most qualified in terms of experience, training and qualification. At the end of day, property buyers get quotes from best building inspectors of industry.

Since the inception of organisation, we have grown exponentially and now serves  99% Australian suburbs. Although we are a not-for-profit organisation, still our professionalism and efficiency has made us one of the largest building inspection quote provider in Australia.

From the very beginning, staying unbiased and uninfluenced was  our biggest concerns . That is why we decided not take any direct or indirect donation from any person, business or organisation. This is a deliberate decision to keep us unbiased and un-influenced.

We promote donation for charities. For every paid building inspection job, we  request our building inspectors to donate  $20 to one of the recommended charity or any charity of their own choice. It important to mention here that building inspection council has no direct or indirect involvement with these charities. Making these donations is at the discretion of building inspectors and we do not penalize building inspectors for not doing so.  This helps charities to raise required funding without the need of begging.

Our clear intentions,  dedication and commitment has earned us tremendous love and success. We are looking forward to provide free quotes in many other services in future.

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Building inspection Quotes

We do not charge any commission to building inspector so you are guaranteed to get genuine quotes from the best building Inspector

Causes we support

Issues/charities close to our heart

Corona Victims:  More than million Australians have lost their job and 72% businesses have seen revenue losses. Working families are going through unprecedented hardship  impacted by fear, anxiety and panic. There are predictions that it will take long time for economy to comes back on track. Although government is giving financial assistance, but huge help is needed for permanently damaged businesses and employers.

Bushfire Victims:  Bushfires destroyed almost 6,000 buildings, including 3,094 homes, and burned through 18.6 million hectares of land in Australia. About 15 million people, or 60 percent of the population, were exposed either directly or indirectly to the infernos and 2.9 million people had their property damaged or threatened or had to evacuate. Although huge donation are made in different charities, but these are not reaching to victims.

Flood Victims:  During floods, 36 people  lost their life and bodies of three people were never found. These floods damaged or destroyed 30,000 homes and businesses.  Five years on, some victims are still recovering. Some of families won class action, but still there is huge numbers of household which need help to get their life back.

Drought Victims: Queensland and New South Wales are currently in the grip of severe drought, with drought declared for 16.4 percent of New South Wales and 57.6 percent of Queensland.  Farmers has not got their life back and are suffering from anxiety and fear. Financial assistance from governments is not enough.  

Sexual Grooming Victims: Sexual grooming is growing crime in Australia and leave a child with lifetime trauma.  Victims normally belongs to vulnerable section of society and their complaints are not heard. These victims are helped with counseling, education and financial assistance.

Domestic Violence Victims: 2.2 million Australians have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from a partner and 3.6 million Australians have experience emotional abuse from a partner. About 2.2 million Australians have experience sexual violence since the age of 15. These victims need counseling, financial assistance and legal help.

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