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Whom to Hire For Building Inspection?

Whom to hire for building inspection

Building Inspection Council has observed that building inspection saves potential property buyers from unexpected shocks inform on major and expensive building defects. A building inspection is a must and must be done by a professional and competent building inspector. But question is how and whom to hire for building inspection. The following information helps you to find the right building inspectors.


Your building inspectors must be independent of any bias. Many home buyers hire building inspectors through the real estate agent or sometimes even get it free from the real estate agents. In this case, the building inspector is paid by real estate agents.  As you know “who pays the piper calls the tune”. The building inspector will prepare the report according to real estate agents and your interest is thrown in the bin.

Always hire an independent building inspector if you want an honest and professional building inspection report free of any biases and influences.


It is always helpful to higher local building inspectors or someone who provides service in the area often.  He is aware of the quality of many builders in your area which is an added advantage. Another reason is that time of a building inspector is quite expensive and a quality building inspector will not like to waste 2-4 hours just to travel to the site.

When you hire for building inspection, a local building inspector is helpful in case of any revisit is required. Especially in the cases of new home building inspection, building inspectors are required to check if defects are fixed properly by the builder.


A building inspector must be licensed.  The reports prepared by the unlicensed building inspectors are not acceptable for legal matters. Also report from the unlicensed is not valid to pull out of the sales contract.

Different states have different requirements for the license.  In some states, any licensed builder can do the building inspection. Whereas in other states, there is a specific qualification to be a licensed building inspector.  Building Inspection Council has pre-verified licensed building inspections in your area.

Specifically Qualified

Building Inspection Council recommends choosing a building inspector with specific education in building inspection such as Advanced Diploma in Building Surveyor or other. Although many states require only a builder license to do building inspections. But a builder is trained in building the house and with time may pick some information about the building defects. They are not specifically trained to identify concealed building defects.

On the other hand, specific building inspection qualifications provide the training and skills to identify the building defects concealed under the fresh paint and shiny facades.


Building inspection is hands own professional and take a lot of time to be a competent building inspector. Building Inspection Council noticed that it takes at least 5 years to be a competent building inspector. Building Inspection Council helps potential property buyers to connect with experienced building inspectors in your area.

Reasonably Priced

It should not cost you a fortune to hire a competent and professional building inspector. The average price of the building inspection is between $400 to $700 depending upon the size, type, age, and location of the property. A detailed guide to pricing of building inspection is available in the blog (https://www.buildinginspectioncouncil.org/how-much-building-inspection-cost/).

As you can see that there are many aspects to be wary of when choosing a  building inspector. A property buyer is not trained and capable to identify a competent building inspector in the market flooded with all types of building inspectors. Building Inspection Council helps the naive Australian property buyer to hire for building inspection for free of cost.

Whom to hire for building inspection