A building inspection is conducted to see if the building is free from any serious building defects. Research suggests that 1/3 properties have been found to carry serious building issues which are expensive to repair. The inspector has the specific training and knowledge to identify existing and potential problems that can help the property buyer in making the biggest investment of life.  A competent building inspector is effective in minimizing future problems for the property buyers.

However, a terrible building inspector may drive you into a bad deal. Unfortunately, there is no formal prerequisite to be a building inspector in Australia (except in 1 state). So there are lots of terrible building inspectors in the market with no competency at all.  The property buyers do not have any experience with the building inspectors and fail to identify a terrible building Inspector.

Building Inspection Council has compiled a list of tips to help you avoid terrible building inspectors

1. Do Your Own Research:

Invest some time in building inspection. Make aDo your own research - Building Inspection Council list of local building inspectors as they have knowledge of common local issues. You should search through individual inspectors instead of companies. Read online reviews about the inspector and follow the pattern of the complaint. You can read “How to choose building inspectorfor more information.

2. Avoid Sources With Conflict Of Interest

Many buyers go with the reference from the real estate agent, solicitor, mortgage broker, etc. These entities have a conflict of interest with any ill-finding in building inspection reports. Building Inspection Council has observed many inspectors doing “back-scratching” in this scenario and buyers end up with the terrible inspection. (Read 3 DON’T WHEN CHOOSING BUILDING INSPECTOR  for more information)

3. Ask The Opinion Of Real People

Talk to real people like your friends and family who have gone through good and bad experiences. These are your well-wishers and will give unbiased advice. We have observed that good building inspectors get most of their work through word of mouth.

4. Do Not Hesitate To Demand Original Documents

We have seen that people hesitate to ask for proof of qualification, insurance, and other documents. This gives the opportunity to the bad inspectors to lie and skip through the scrutiny. We advise you to keep a copy of all the documents.

5. Confirm Everything In Writing

Get Everything in Writing- Building Inspection Council

An incompetent building inspector will avoid leaving any proof behind. Confirm everything in the written with the building inspector in writing. Any dodgy building inspector will run away.

6. Avoid Dodgy Claims

You will come across claims like “If we miss it, we will fix it”. These claims are worth the paper they are written upon. Avoid any such hyperbolic claims.

Building Inspection is an opportunity for the property buyer to avoid or minimize any financial losses due to building defects. However, it is a loss of time, money, and opportunity if you hire an idiot (an incompetent inspector). We suggest you to invest some time and do some research when hiring a building inspector. After all, it’s your saving of a lifetime.

Avoid terrible building inspectors at all cost and get one from good source. Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit organization that helps Australian home buyers with free quotes from local expert building inspectors. The best part of being a not-for-profit organization is that we do not have to compromise for profit and you get to avoid terrible building inspectors. We have a pre-verified building inspector and you can order free quotes here

How to Avoid Terrible Building Inspectors - Building Inspection Council