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choosing Building Inspector

According to a report, repairing building defects has cost Australians a staggering total of $10.5 billion over the past decade*. The report also mentions that  100% of the new and newly renovated apartments and houses have been inundated by defects that have cost them $6,434 and $5,839 respectively*. Here are the 3 main biggest mistakes people do when choosing a building inspector for their potential purchase. 

Don't Hire building inspector referred by real estate agent:

There is only one thing worse than buying a property with a building inspectionHiring building inspectors through real estate. When you hire a building inspector through the reference of the real estate agent, your report is almost written by a real estate agent. Building inspectors make the inspection report according to the instruction of the real estate agents and here is why!

As “No one bites the hand that feeds them”, references from the real estateReal estate agent - building inspector agent are the bread & butter for the building inspector. The building inspector will never go against the real estate agent. You are here only today for one property, But a real agent will be always here providing the building inspector with references day in day out.  

These Building inspectors try their best to keep real estate agents happy. They grease their palm with a $100-$200 commission for each reference. They give them expensive gifts on Christmas. When they are doing so much to just keep them happy, do you still think that the building inspector will care about your interests?

Don't Hire a building inspector through the free quote website:

Commercial free quote providing company or website has a very simple business model. Here

             Free quote providing company is seller,

            Building Inspector are buyers  and

            YOU (property buyer) here in this case are a product

that is sold “commercial-free quote websites” to Building inspectors. And your price is between $26 to $105.Free Quote Websites

The problem starts with the very model of their business. These free quote companies are here to make money. So they sell leads (potential customer details) either to the highest bidder or to as many building inspectors as possible. In both, the case, consideration toward the experience, education, and competency of building inspection comes last.

As its building inspectors from whom company make money and you know that ” he who pays the piper calls the tune”. Free quote companies try to do anything to keep their paying customer happy. Their credentials are exaggerated as per instructions from building inspection companies. Bumping up ratings, removing bad reviews,s and adding fake +ve reviews are some of the common practices. According to a report, the average percentage of fake reviews is 64%.

These companies have online registration where anyone can register as a building inspector and start bidding for business. You can try it yourself. Hiring through these commercial-free quote companies is a gamble where you put the biggest investment of your life at stake.

Don't Hire an incompetent and inexperienced building inspector for cheaper price:

The difference in price between a quality building inspector and an average building inspector is max $100 -$150. This amount is nothing compared to the total investment you made.

Only a seasoned and competent building inspector can identify everyCheaper Price - Poor Quality building defect in a building. It takes many years of experience and learning to be a competent building inspector. A weekend crash course cannot prepare anyone for building inspection. These courses may be good for property buyers but definitely cannot make some building inspectors.

As mentioned in the beginning, 100% of the new and newly renovated apartments and houses have been inundated by building defects and 10.5 billion are spent to fix the building defects in the last decade. Even a small leakage in the washroom can cost up to $15,000. So when it comes to the building inspectors, choose the competent one as compare to the cheaper one.

Here are few tips about choosing a building inspector

  1. First and most important, Pre-shortlist the building inspectors for the area, you are planning to buy property in.
  2. Ask your friend and family about good references. Facebook is the place for a competent building inspector reference.
  3. Do your own research about the building inspector serving in the area. Make is the list of questions you should be asking to build inspector before finalizing. Click here for a list of questions
  4. Choose a not-for-profit organization to refer a competent building inspector. Building inspection council is one such not-for-profit organization in community service. They do not charge any commission or fee from building inspectors and select them only on the basis of sheer competence. They have a list of pre-verified building inspectors with verification of
  • Qualification
  • Experience
  • Competency

Click here for free quotes though building inspection quotes. It is your biggest investment of life so it is better to be safe than sorry so you should extra cautious time on choosing a building inspector.

Reference: www.mozo.com.au

choosing Building Inspector