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How to get Building Inspection?

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How to get building inspection and that too a good one? This questions makes one uncomfortable even if you are a seasoned property buyer.  Building inspection is a must as building inspectors are trained and experienced to identify any major/minor defects in the property.  The following information explains how to get a home inspection and how to get the maximum out of your home inspection at the best prices.

1. Signing the Sales Contract:

The first and foremost important task is to sign the sales contract with the clause of “Subject to building inspection ” or “Subject to building and Pest Inspection”. Building Inspection Council recommends drafting the wording of the clause carefully and professionally as not all wording gives the right to pull out from the contract.

Building Inspection Council can provide you with a sample of clause wording to help you draft your sales contract.

2. Request for the Quotes:

Once you have finalized the property, you need quotes from different building inspectors in that area.  There are grossly 3 methods

  1. Calling the building inspectors individually and asking for the quotes: You can find different home inspection companies and call them for quotes. This will take a lot of time and may not give the best result. A company on the first page does not they are great in inspection, it only means they are excellent in search engine optimization.
  2. Going through free quote-providing companies/websites: Using this method, you will multiple quotes in no time but it does not mean that you are getting quotes from the best inspectors. Quotes companies will get you quotes from the companies paying the highest money.  For more information, please read our article 3 don’t when buying home inspection.
  3. Getting quotes through the Building Inspection Council: Building Inspection Council has a pre-verified home inspector in your area. We are a not-for-profit community service and we do not compromise on anything for profit. You are guaranteed to get quotes from the best inspectors of your area.

3. Finalizing the Inspector from Quotes

One the journey of how to get building inspection, once you are satisfied with the number of received quotes, you can shortlist 2-3 final building inspectors based on the following factors.

    • License:  Your building inspector must be licensed otherwise your inspection report won’t be recognized to cancel the sales contract.
    • Qualification: Check the qualification of your inspector. An education specifically in home inspection is always better than common building or construction knowledge.
    • Experience: Your building inspector must have adequate experience. As a thumb rule, Building Inspection Council always recommends a minimum of 5 years of experience.

Building Inspection Council recommends personally talk to each shortlisted inspector and confirm the information provided by them. Ask them about the tool they will be used for inspection. This will give you an idea if they are using modern technology for inspection which is much more precise in results.

4. Managing the Schedule:

Once you have finalized the building inspector, the next task it set the inspection time with related stakeholders.   This sometimes gets tricky especially when the owner is still living at the property. Most building inspectors arrange the schedule with the real estate agents and owners by themselves but some potential property buyers have to get involved.

Building Inspection Council advises confirming the time with the real estate agent and owner one day prior to the inspection.

5. Getting Inspection Done:

Next is the most important aspect of the home inspection – the physical inspection of the property. Building Inspection Council recommends confirming with the inspector about the start of the inspection.

Building Inspection Council advises the potential buyer to be present on the site at the time of inspection. This ensures that the building inspector conducts the inspection of every inch of the property and not leave any section of the property with the excuse of inaccessibility. When you are present there then you can make sure that every accessible part of the property is inspected professionally. Being present at the property at the time of inspection helps you to see the building defects first hand and not to depend on the reports. It also helps you see if inspectors are using the latest technology or not. Overall, it is always beneficial to be present at the time of inspection. 

6. Get Building Inspection Report:

Depending on the type and size of the property, potential property buyer is supposed to get a home inspection report within 24hours to 48hours of the physical building condition inspection. The report should be in compliance with AS 4349.1-2007 and easy to understand. Go through the building defect inspection report and compile a list of questions or doubts in the reports. You must call the building inspector for any doubts or questions regarding the inspection report.

7. Make Final Decision:

Once you have cleared your doubts about the home inspection report with the inspector, you are aware of the major and minor defects in the potential property.  This report will warn you about the serious risks in the property. From the report, you can calculate the cost of repairing the issue in the property and hence the actual future cost of the property.

Based on all the information provided in the report you can make the final decision about the property.

A building inspection is a must and a serious aspect of property purchase. A casual approach towards the home inspection can lead to hefty financial losses. Always choose your building inspector carefully. Based on all the information provided in the report you can make the final decision about the property. 

One of the easy  solution to the problems of how to get building inspection is to take the help of Building Inspection Council.