Building Inspection in Wyndham

Thinking of buying in the City of Wyndham, a building inspection in Wyndham Vale before signing on the contract can protect you. The city has seen one of the highest growth in recent years. Lower average median prices have attracted many buyers and a building inspection can help you to know more about the property.

Building Inspection Council will highly recommend a building inspection before making the final decision about property in Wyndham. It will tell you about the true condition of the property and help you make an informed and educated decision.

Buying property in the City of Wyndham?

The City of Wyndham is a local government area in the outer south-western suburbs of Melbourne. It is situated between the Melbourne metropolitan and Geelong. The city has an area of 542 km2 and a population of more than 270,000 in 2019. The city has grown in population by 14,251 in the year 2018, which is the largest for any local government area in Victoria. The Wyndham City is home to many new housing estates such as Point CookWilliams LandingTruganina, Wyndham Vale, and Tarneit.

How is the housing market in the City of Wyndham?

There are a total of 75,184 dwellings in the city of Wyndham. Only 3 other councils have more dwellings in Greater Melbourne – Casey, Mornington Peninsula, and Melbourne. Out of these 75,184 dwellings, 83.1% are individual houses and 14% are semi-attached houses (Townhouses). The city has a very low percentage (2.5%) of flats or apartments.

In terms of the size of the houses, 45.2% of houses are 3 bedroom houses which constitutes the highest proportion. It is followed by 4 bedroom houses at 39.1%. So out of 75,158 dwellings, 84.3% of houses are of consistent and medium size. 

The average house price in Wyndham is $567,000 whereas the median price for Greater Melbourne is $740,000 in 2018. This is the 4th lowest in Greater Melbourne cities and the main driving force to population growth. The reason for the steady houses prices despite the high demand for houses is the availability of developable land.

What are the common building defects Found in Wyndham City?

The most common building defects found in the properties in Wyndham are similar to those found in most of the other suburbs areas of Melbourne. here is the list of the top 15 building defects found during the building inspection.

  • Internal water leaks
  • Cracks in walls
  • Water penetration from outside
  • Guttering faults
  • Defective Roofs
  • Defective plumbing
  • Tiling Problem
  • Building Movement
  • Noise Issues
  • Balcony Issues
  • Fire Safety Problems
  • Electrical Faults
  • Material Installation Problems
  • Defective Machinery
  • Others

You need an expert building inspector to detect all the major and minor defects in the property. A professional building inspector has training, experience, and tools to identify visible and hidden defects and warn you in form of the inspection report.

What is the average cost of Building Inspection in Wyndham City?

The cost of the building inspection depends upon the size, complexity, and age of the building. As 84.3% of dwellings in the city are 3 and 4 bedroom houses so the average cost of the building inspection in Wyndham City depends on falls between $400 to $600. There are some companies with starting prices of $225. On the other side of the spectrum, companies like Darbecca do charge around $800. Building Inspection Council recommends that for around $500, you should be able to get a quality building inspector. A combined building and pest inspection can cost you around $600 to $700.

Who can make building inspection reportWhen you are spending more than half a million (the median price is $567,000)on the property, an investment of $400 to $600 can protect you from disaster. Property is not something that you can return back to the retailer or seller for being defective like day-to-day items. Once you exchanged the contract, any problems in the property are your liability. It is a small precaution to prevent big losses.

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Building Inspection in Wyndham