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Who should get the building inspection done?

Who should get building inspection – It is a predominant assumption that property buyers get the building inspection before making the final purchase. Yes, it does represent the highest number of building inspection clients but home inspection is sough many other stakeholders for other purposes. Although, the underlying concept is the same where the condition of the property is assessed by a qualified building inspector. It is the purpose of the inspection that decides who should call a building inspector.

Building Inspection Council has observed following buyers of building inspection:

Potential Property Buyer

 Pre-purchase building inspection or home inspection is a way to know about the condition of the property. Property buyers get this inspection to learn about the different defects of the building. It helps the buyer to access whether the property is worth it or not. It warns you about the unknown shocks in the form of costly building defects.

Sellers selling the property

Although it is always the buyer who gets the home inspection, but the mature seller also buys the building inspection to prepare the property for sale. The owner will come to know about all the defects in the property and can fix these to avoid rejection.  A well prepared house attracts more buyers and offers.

New House builders

This inspection is sort by the owner who is getting their home build by a builder. It is also called new construction inspection and helps the owner to maintain the quality at every stage of the construction process. There are 5 stages as mentioned below:

  • Base/Slab inspection
  • Frame Inspection
  • Lock up Inspection
  • Fixing/ Waterproofing Inspection
  • Completion Inspection (PCI) 

Insurance Policy owner

Insurance inspection is sort by the owner of the property that has met an accident.  The insurance company will send their own inspector to make the assessment of the damage. It is wise to hire your own inspector to have an unbiased assessment. You will also get repair advice from the inspector.

Construction Companies

The construction(especially digging) can cause damage to the properties in the vicinity. To avoid any conflict at a later stage owner of the property and construction company seek the dilapidation report. It is a building inspection in 2 stages – one before the commencement of the construction and one after the completion of construction.

Owner of Rented Property

The owner of the rented property buy this inspection and called the depreciation schedule. This inspection assesses the current value of the property and future depreciation. This depreciation helps the owner with tax claims.

These are the main stakeholders who buy different types of home inspections. There are many special or custom inspections that are sought for different purposes. At the end of the day, you need a detailed assessment of the condition of the building and only a competent building inspection can provide you with a professional report.  It  does not matter who should get building inspectionBuilding Inspection Council is a not-for-profit organization providing free quotes to Australian property buyers. The part of being not-for-profit is that we do not have to do compromise for the profit and you get the most honest and genuine quotes from the local building inspectors. We have pre-verified building inspectors, Click here for free quotes.

Who should get the building inspection done