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Depreciation Schedule

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Tax Depreciation Schedule

building depreciation schedule

Property depreciation Schedule

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Depreciation Schedule

The depreciation schedule is a report that outlines all available tax depreciation deductions for a residential investment property or commercial building. Most properties, new and old, have depreciation available.

How Depreciation Schedule Helps

The basic benefits of a Depreciation Schedule report  are:

  • It is a necessity document to claim tax deduction for depreciation of property.


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How to choose Depreciation Schedule

Always use a suitably qualified person such as a licensed Depreciation Schedule professional with proper qualification, license, and insurance to provide a professional Depreciation Schedule of the property. 

A professional person will ensure that the format and content of the report comply with the relevant Australian Standard.

Please ensure that the Depreciation Schedule professional you choose has an adequate insurance cover, particularly for professional indemnity.

Building Inspection Council can help you to find a qualified, experienced, and licensed Depreciation Schedule professional for your property. As a not-for-profit organization, we do not compromise on anything when choosing a depreciation schedule professional for you. 

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What is included in depreciation schedule

Basically Depreciation schedule detail out the total tax deduction for your investment property. The cost of your house is calculate based one building size, age, Quality, building cost, amenities and many more factors. Then difference formulas are used to calculate the depreciation schedule. 

depreciation schedule cost guidance

Number of Rooms


Single Story

Double Story


$200 -$300

$200 -$300

$200 -$300


$250 -$400

$275 -$400

$275 -$400


$300 -$500

$350 -$550

$375 -$600


$400 -$600

$400 -$600

$400 -$600





Who should Get a depreciation schedule

Investment Property Owner