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The most important purpose of the building inspection is to tell you about every single thing that is wrong and could go wrong. A building inspection identifies all the defects in the building, gives you ground to re-negotiate the price with the vendor, and allows you to reject the properties with serious building defects. We are not saying that you should expect property in perfect condition without any defects but the report should educate you about each and every defect before you make any decision. A bad building and pest inspector fails to give you this information with certainty  – the very purpose of the building inspection.

Building Inspection Council has reported many times about the problem of incompetent building inspectors in Australia. These unqualified building inspectors are impossible to identify without industry knowledge and cause serious loss to innocent property buyers. Here are the consequences, if your building inspector is bad

Loss of Money

LOSS OF MONEY - Building Inspection CouncilThe property owner has to bear the financial loss in form of a repair bill to fix the missed building defects.  The report says that property buyers have to spend $10.5 billion to fix the building defects in the last decade. The average cost of fixing the building defects in houses and apartments is $5,839 and $6,434 respectively (source)

Getting building defects fixed is a cumbersome task and takes a lot of time. It means taking time off from your work and loss of income.

Also, a missed building defect by a bad building and pest inspector means a lost opportunity to renegotiate the price.

Loss of Time

LOSS OF TIME - Building Inspection CouncilUntil and unless you are in the house flipping business, people buy houses to live comfortably and not to fix building defects. Fixing building defects is a time-consuming and frustrating process especially if there are serious building defects in the property. Finding the right person to fix the defects is the first and the most challenging step in this process. Then it involves buying material and supervising to make sure that work is done as per agreed standard.

For many families, it is not possible to take time off the work and any absence from work seriously affects their career and/or income. In these cases, missed building defects become even further troubling.

Whatever scenario it is, a bad building and pest inspector means missed building defects and a missed building defect means loss of hard-earned money. In some cases, it could be hundreds of thousands and financially destroy the owner. The main reason for hiring a bad building inspector is a lack of experience with building inspectors. Most of the property buyers buy 1-2 houses in their lifetime and which means they have never dealt with a building inspector before.  Another cause of having a bad building inspector is the hiring through a source with conflict of interest such as vendor, agent, solicitor, mortgage broker, etc. (3 don’t when hiring building inspector) This is where the Building Inspection Council can help you the most – hiring a competent building inspector.

Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit community service that helps Australian property buyers with free building inspection quotes from local expert inspectors and bad building and pest inspectors. Property buyers save $104.7 on average as compared to the market. The best thing about being a not-for-profit organization is that we do not have to compromise on anything for profit and you get the best quotes from the best quality building inspectors. FOR FREE QUOTES, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

BAD BUILDING & PEST INSPECTOR - Building Inspection Council