Building inspection Tarneit is in high demand since the property boom in the Australian market. Tarneit is one of the hot suburbs for first home buyers due to its lower price range. Building Inspection Council recommends learning and getting a building inspection done for your future home.

What is offered in Tarneit?

TARNEIT - Building Inspection CouncilTarneit is one of the growing suburbs 25 kilometers west of the central business district and located in the City of Wyndham. The population of the suburb is 34,562 as of 2016 and is expected to grow to 63,000 by 2031. (Source)

When it comes to the population, family is the keyword as 58.7% of the households are families. You can find the families in their 30s,40s, and 50s roaming in the suburb.

The suburb is home to several new housing estates, including Tarneit Gardens, The Grove, Newgate, Habitat on Davis Creek Estate, The Rise, Manhattan Place, Seasons Estate, The Heartlands, The Reflections Estate, Moorookyle, Rothwell, Ecoville, Haven, NewHaven, Claremont Park, The Reserve, Rothwell Villages(NOW CREEK STONE), Riverdale Village, Westbrook, and Rose Grange.

There are 797 properties for sale in Tarneit and median property prices range from $580,000 for houses to $465,000 for units. (Source)

Why home inspection is necessary in Tarneit?

According to a report, 100% of the properties have building defects and property buyers have to spend $10.5 Billion dollars to fix these defects. You should get a building inspection cause: 

Vendors go to any extent to hide building defects: Off-course, any property sellers want maximum for their property and building defects can lower the value of the property. We have observed that many vendors concealing building defects that only a professional building inspection can reveal.  Read More about concealing building defect by vendors ” 10 WAYS SELLERS USES TO HIDE SERIOUS BUILDING DEFECTS

Agents are on the side of vendor: Agent gets a commission when the property is sold. They will be on the side of the vendor. Any building defects will lower the chances of the sale.

Builders are cutting the corner to meet the demand: Tarneit and surrounding suburbs have seen huge demand of houses. We observed that many builders are cutting the corners to meet this demand. A building inspection in Tarneit can reveal these inferior constructions.

What are the most common building defects in Tarneit?

The most common building defect found in Tarneit is water damage from the internal water leaks and water penetration from the outside. Fixing the water damage is costly and leads to many other problems. What makes the water damage or water leak so disastrous is the fact it can go on undetected for a long time. Building Inspection Council has compiled the following list of common building defects in Tarneit

Other Building defects in Tarneit:

Internal Water Leaks

Defective Plumbing

Fire Safety Issues

Cracking to internal and external walls

Tiling Problem

Electrical Faults

Water Penetration from outside

Building Movement

Material Problems

Guttering Faults

Noise Break Through

Defective Machinery

Defective Roof Covering

Defective Balcony Balustrades


For more information on building defects, please read(“15 Top Building Defects Found During Building Inspection“)

How much does pre-purchase building inspection cost in Tarneit?

Building Inspection Council has observed that a quality building inspection in Tarneit should cost between $400 to $600. Building inspection cost depends upon the size, age, type, style, and location of the property. The cost of building inspection is directly related to the size of the room- the bigger the property, the higher the price. Most of the houses in Tarneit are of 3-4 rooms which are medium size and cost around $500 for building inspection.

The cost guidance for building inspection:

Number of Rooms


Single Story

Double Story


$200 -$300

$200 -$300

$200 -$300


$250 -$400

$275 -$400

$275 -$400


$300 -$500

$350 -$550

$375 -$600


$400 -$600

$400 -$600

$400 -$600





For more information about the cost of building inspection, please read (“How Much Building Inspection Cost?“)

How to get a home inspection in Tarneit?

Building InspectorIt is paramount to hire a competent and qualified building inspector for your building inspection but finding one is a challenging. Due to the lack of government guidelines, anyone can claim to be in the business of building inspection, and for the untrained property buyer, it is impossible to differentiate between an expert building inspector and an incompetent building inspector.

You can visit our website (Building Inspection Council) for free quotes. We have pre-verified building inspectors for qualification, experience, and knowledge. Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit community service that helps Australian property buyers with building inspection quotes. The best thing about being a not-for-profit organization is that we do not have to compromise for profit and you get the best quotes from the best building inspectors in your areas for building inspection in Tarneit. FOR FREE QUOTES, CLICK HERE.

For more information on finding a good building inspector, you can read ” How To Choose A Building Inspector?