The is high need of building inspection for new property as there thousands of things which can and do go wrong during construction process

People do understand the importance of pre-purchase building inspection when buying a house. They understand that property may have developed some problems with time. Regular use and poor maintenance may have caused some wearing.  But when it comes to the new property or a brand new construction where no one lived before, then buyers start questioning the  need of building inspection for new property 

Let us clear all the doubts – the building inspection is as much important for a brand new house as it is for used property. Data shows that there are great chances of building defects in the new property. So, It is paramount that buyers should get done a professional building inspection to avoid any nasty surprises after you move in. Once you move in, it is almost too late for the builder to fix it or pay for defects

What about the builder's warranty?

Ethically, all the repair works are part of the warranty but not all the builders see it like this. A good builder will inspect the whole building and complete any required repair work. But a shoddy builder will fix only those defects that are in violation of the code.

For the property buyer, it is impossible to identify building issues especially when these are covered up by dodgy builders. So it is advisable to hire a qualified building inspector. A competent inspector is trained and experienced to detect even intentionally concealed defects.

What are the common problems found in new houses?

In brand new houses, there are 2 kinds of defects; minor defects and major defects. The minor defects refer to the issues that are easily detectable to even an untrained buyer. The minor defects include the scratched paint, broken window, damaged plasterboard, etc. These defects are superficial and not a concern to the safety of persons or buildings.

The major defects are serious concerns and difficult to detect without a professional building inspector. Examples of major defects are cracks in the walls, faulty roofing, building movement, etc. These defects are expensive to repair and may deteriorate if not fixed in time. Structural defects can leave your house unsafe for living.

The most common problems found in brand new houses are:

  • Missing items is one of the common problems in new homes (missing handles, tiles, and screws)
  • Incomplete works – Incomplete paint, tile, or mason work.
  • Slopes and drainage faults that cause water damage to the property.
  • Structural defects such as cracks, foundation movement or subsidence, damaged frame, etc.
  • Electrical Issues – faulty wiring, wrong outlets, open livewires, and missing covering
  • Plumbing Problems – faulty pipe joint, piping problems, leaks, and more

These defects could be due to poor workmanship, poor design, inferior material, or natural factors.  All these pushes up the need of building inspection for new property.  

Why hire an independent building inspector?

An independent building inspector provides you an inspection report with the complete list of issues in the house. Based on the report you can renegotiate the reduction in the price. Also, you are able tInspection of brand new homeo save thousands of dollars in the repair by getting the defects fixed immediately from the builder. The report also helps you make the final purchase decision or look for another property.

It is important fact that builder’s warranties are valid for 1 year to 10 years.  You may be without a warrant within as little as 13 months of purchase. With a timely building inspection, your builder has to fix the root cause of the defects before they get worse.

Inspecting Cracks - Building Inspection CouncilDo not get mesmerized by the shining polish and colorful paint. Your new home may look flawless at the surface level but that doesn’t mean it is flawless underneath also. A professional building inspection will unearth any issues. It helps you make an educated decision and save you money. It is a small investment that pays itself many times. For the best-qualified building inspector, you can contact Building Inspection Council – a free not-for-profit community service.

Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit organization and we help Australian property buyers with the need of building inspection for new property. We provide free quotes from the pre-verified qualified building inspectors. Buyers save $104.7 as compare to the market price. Being a not-for-profit community service, we do not have to compromise on anything for profit and you get quotes from genuine expert inspectors. FOR FREE QUOTES, CLICK HERE.

Missing parts or accessories like handles, screws, or covering

  • Incomplete work like incomplete paint, sealing, or plaster
  • Subsidence which can cause cracks in walls and ceiling
  • Faulty doors and window
  • Missing roof tiles or defects in the roof cavity
  • Plumbing defects
  • Electrical Problems

Building Inspection for new homes costs between $400 to $600 for average size house(3-4 bedroom) house. The cost of the inspection is determined by the size, type, style, and location of the building. A new home inspection will cost more in urban areas as compared to regional areas.

A new home inspection takes between 45minute to 90min depending upon the size, type, style of the house. The bigger the house, obviously more time it takes to inspect. Once the physical inspection is completed, the inspector will prepare the inspection report then. This report may take another 24hours to 48 hours.