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What are top 3 building defects?

There are many building defects possible and top 3 building defects are more worrisome. Buying a new house is a happy and joyful endeavor. We are looking forward to a new beginning. For most families, a new house means a significant improvement in life but also means huge financial risk. For most families, buying a house is the biggest financial decision they take. To ensure it be the right one, the buyer must plan meticulously and take the right step. One of those steps is to hire a competent and licensed building inspector.

According to research, 100% of properties are found to be inundated with building defects. The report suggests that property buyers have spent $10.5 billion dollars in the last decade to fix the building defects. A building inspection is the pit stop to access the condition of the property before jumping in. Building inspection provides you a complete list of the defects that may be very costly to repair. If undetected, these defects may ruin you and your family’s future. (source)

Building Inspection Council observed that there are more than 1100 different types of major and minor defects found in the properties. The probability of these defects differs depending on nature. But there are these 3 building defects and each these building defect is found in more than 40% of houses. Following is the discussion about the top 3 building defects in Australia.

1. Internal Water Leaks:

The most common building defect in Australia is internal water leaks. 46% of Australian houses have these defects which are almost 1 in every 2 houses. These days, the buildings are full of water and plumbing fitting and any faulty joint could be the source of water leakage.

The first sign of the water leak is a musty smell. Water leaks can wreak havoc in the house – directly and indirectly. Water leakage can damage furniture, cupboard, ceiling, floor, tiles,  rusting of fixtures and, termite infestation.

Fixing the water leaks is expensive. The average size of the claim for an internal leak issue is  $30,361

2. Cracks in Internal and External Walls :

This is the 2nd most common building defect found in properties in Australia. 41% of the properties have been found with cracks in internal and external walls. There are some cracks that are minor only at a superficial level while other cracks could be an indicator of a serious issue.

The minor or superficial cracks are limited to plaster only and happen due to the contraction and expansion of building elements. These cracks can be easily fixed with some filling and fresh paint.

Other cracks could due to serious underneath issues such as footing movement, structural damage, termite infestation, external water penetration, etc. These cracks must be addressed immediately for the risk to family members.

3. Water Penetration from Outside :

The last out of top 3 building defects is water penetration. 2 out of every 5 houses or 40% of houses in Australia have a problem with water penetration from outside. The first indicator is peeling paint, stained ceiling, mold, and musty smell.  The main reason for the water penetration is failed waterproofing, erosion, cracks, loose joint, inadequate seals and termite infestation. Another main reason is clogged gutter and water make its way inside the building.

The water penetration causes serious damage to the structure of the building and makes it inhabitable. Long-term exposure leads to mold which is a serious health hazard.  The building inspector uses a moisture meter to detect any water penetration from outside and warn you about the severity of the issue.

We just discussed top building defects to give you an idea about the scope of building defects. For comprehensive information about the building defects in Australia, you can read “15 Top Building Defects Found During Building Inspection“.  Our purpose is not to scare property buyers but to educate them on potential threats. Knowledge is power and helps you make an educated and calculated risk of purchasing your dream home.

You can avoid these top 3 building defects through a good building inspection. The Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit organization providing free quotes to Australian property buyers. The best part of being not-for-profit is that we do not have to compromise for profit and you get quotes from genuine expert building inspectors. For free quotes, please click here

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