The pre-purchase building inspection cost between $400 to $600 and provide great value for its price. 

010 Average building Inspection CostA pre-purchase building inspection is a godsend to protect the potential property buyer from the nasty hidden building defects. The pre-purchase building inspection is an assessment of the true condition of the property and is conducted by a qualified building inspector. It covers all the building defects in the property and provides information to the buyer if the property is worth the asking price or worth living in. The inspection reveals the faults like cracked walls, water damage, rising damp, mold, faulty roof, and termite infestation.

Basically, by shining a light on the shortcomings of property, a pre-purchase building inspection save people and their hard-earned money. Although pre-purchase building inspection cost between $400 and $600 for an average size house in Melbourne, the actual cost depends on the following 5 factors.

Size of property

The cost of building Inspection directly depends on the size of the property. Of course, the cost of the inspection will be higher for 8 bedroom house as compared to the 2-3 bedroom house.

Age of the property

With age, buildings tend to develop defects due to wear and tear or poor maintenance. A pre-purchase inspection will cost you higher for an older house as compared to a new one.

Type of the building

Different types of buildings are prone to different kinds of defects. A brick veneer house will take more time as compared to a timber house. Same way, an inspection of a tin roof is lower than that of the tiled roof.

Style of the house

A simple house is easy to inspect as compare to a multilevel building with a complicated design. The cost of inspection would be high for complicated building structures.

Location of the property

The cost of the pre-purchase building inspection also depends upon the location of the property. Inspection prices are lower in the regional area as compared to urban areas due to higher overheads.

Right Cost Building Inspection Quotes

Cost Building InspectionYou will also get quotes that would be either too high or too low. You do not need a high cost building inspection to get a quality inspection for your potential property. Many of these companies will be charging unnecessary high costs cause of high operation costs. These companies have many stakeholders at different levels and the share of profit for each level adds to the cost of the inspection. These companies claim to be providing a premium inspection service whereas there is no such thing as premium building inspection in this industry. All you need is a professional inspection service to protect you from unknown problems.

Similarly, you will get some low cost building inspection quotes that are way too low than reasonable price. The problem with these quotes is that you get very poor-quality building inspections from these companies and you will be risking your life’s biggest investment for a few bucks. These companies play a volume game where an inspection has to do 8-10 inspections in a day. This means you will get only 15-20minutes of their time to inspect your potential property. They simply stroll through the property and hand over a report based on the template. These inspection does not involve customized inspection for your property and any serious defects are at risk to be missed.

A quality building inspection does not need to cost thousands of dollars for an average home in Melbourne and little research can help you find a good inspector at the right price.

Who can make building inspection reportAt Building Inspection Council, we are amazed how many people decide to forgo inspection to save money. We have seen thousands of cases where property buyers lost thousands of dollars just by skipping building inspections.

There are many companies offering pre-purchase building inspections at very cheap prices. These kinds of prices are possible only through cutting corners to push volume or hiring unqualified building inspectors. Building Inspection Council highly recommends hiring a qualified and competent building inspector that provides quality service.

Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit community service that helps property buyers in Australia. We provide free quotes from the expert inspectors of your area. We pre-verify each building inspector on the strict criteria. House buyers save $104.7 on average as compared to the market price of building inspection. The best thing about being a not-for-profit organization is that we do not have to compromise for profit. You get the most genuine and honest pre-purchase building inspection cost quotes from the best inspectors. FOR FREE QUOTES, CLICK HERE.

A pre-purchase building inspection is an assessment of the condition of the property just before the purchase of the property. The inspection is carried out before the exchange of contracts or after the exchange of conditional contracts.

A cheap pre-purchase building inspection is possible through volume game.  Each building inspector has to do 8-10 inspections in a day meaning spending less than 20min for the actual inspection. A good building inspector will spend between 45 min to 90 min for inspection. Building Inspection Council recommends avoiding such cheap building inspector

Theoretically, all pre-purchase building inspections should be equal as checking the same things but practically not. The quality of inspection depends upon the quality of the inspector.  Many companies have hired unqualified building inspectors as there is no government regulation on industry. We recommend choosing your building inspector carefully.