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3 Main Building Inspection Companies in Melbourne

3 building inspection companies in Melbourne provide you a starting point to look for good building inspectors. 

Building Inspection is a key step in the property buying process. It protects you from unseen building defects which may be costly to repair. A competent building inspector has training and knowledge to detect building defects in a property even when concealed under fresh paint. Basically, experienced building inspectors know where to look for defects. 

But finding a good building inspector is a challenge. Most of the property buyers have no or very little experience when identifying a good inspector and often make a wrong decision. The lack of government guidelines also aggravates the situation.

Building Inspection Council is a free community service helping Australian property buyers. We have a pre-verified  list of the top 3 building inspection companies in Melbourne:

Jim's Building Inspection:

Website: https://www.jimsbuildinginspections.com.au/

Jim’s is a well-known name in Australia. TheJim's Building Inspections company started their franchising in 1989 and now have more than 4000 units.  Jim’s Building Inspection provides all most all kinds of building inspections. Research shows that in terms of cost, Jim’s Building Inspection falls in the middle range. The average price of the inspection is around $500. They provide service in every state of Australia. The average rating of their service on Google is 4.8 out of 5 which is the highest in multi-state inspection companies. The company has some great feedback for great customer service. There are very few negative feedbacks for rude inspectors and failed inspections also.


  • The biggest network of building inspectors in Australia.
  • Provide service to almost every area of Australia
  • Highest customer review rating among multi-state companies.


  • Complaints about the failed inspections.
  • Negative feedback on the inspector’s behavior.

Rapid Building Inspection:

Website: https://www.rapidbuildinginspections.com.au/

Rapid Building Inspection is one of the largest building inspection company in Australia. The company gives the guaranteeRapid Building Inspection to use the latest technology for inspection. The inspection company has some of the lowest rates in Australia and provides the guarantee to match any written quote.  The Rapid provides the services in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Perth, Adelaide, and Tasmania. The company has an average customer review rating of 4.3 out of 5 and most of the customers are happy with pricing and professionalism.


  • Lowest Prices offered in Australia.
  • Price guarantee provided by the company.
  • Guarantee to use the latest technology


  • 15% of customers have given negative reviews
  • Failure to deliver the service issues.
  • Late delivery of reports
  • Rude and unprofessional behavior

Darbecca Building Inspection

Website: https://www.darbecca.com.au/

Darbecca is another top building inspection company in Melbourne in the building inspection industry which provides services in Queensland, Victoria,Darbecca and New Zealand. The company started inspection in 2003 and claims to deliver premium service. Darbecca is mainly focused on the new home building inspection. Darbecca charges some of the highest prices in Australia as compared to the market and has built the reputation of providing premium service to justify it.  Darbecca has a 4.2 customer review rating out of 5 which is one of the lowest among multi-state inspection companies. 


  • Positive review about professionalism, promptness, and help
  • Helped the owner getting the problems fixed by the builder.


  • Darbecca do charge around $750 to $850 which is quite high than average
  • Many bad reviews about customer service
  • The cost of the service is another concern mentioned in reviews.

The quality of the inspection depends upon the individual inspector’s expertise and finding an expert building inspector is a challenge. We have a list of many pre-verified building inspectors from these companies which we recommend to property buyers.

Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit organization that provides free quotes from the top building inspection companies in Melbourne. The best thing about being a not-for-profit organization is that we do not have to compromise on anything for profit. You get free quotes from genuine building inspectors. For Free Quotes, Click here

3 Main Building Inspection Companies in Melbourne