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New Home Inspection Werribee

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New Home Inspection in Werribee

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We provide free quotes for the new home inspection in Werribee and surrounding suburbs such as Hopper Crossing, Wyndham Vale, Mambourin, Manor Lakes, Werribee South, and Point Cook.

Finding a good new home inspector in Werribee is a challenge. 

A competent inspector is prone to miss defects in the property. These undetected defects cause serious issues in the form of a huge repair cost. There is a huge percentage of incompetent inspectors in Werribee. This industry is unregulated in Australia except in Queensland. As a result, anyone claims to be a house inspector without any training or qualification. Most of the Australian in Werribee have hardly build any house and they have zero prior experience of finding and dealing with the new construction inspector.

We at Building Inspection Council connect the property buyers with right and qualified building inspectors in Werribee, Melbourne, and regional areas.  We verify our inspectors on strict criteria before referring for quotes.

What Is new home inspection?

It is the assessment of the quality and standard of material, design, and workmanship during the construction of the house. This inspection is carried out in 5-6 stages to make sure that the building is adhering to the agreed standards at every stage of the construction. The five stages are:

  • Slab Stage:  This inspection is carried to ensure the compliance of the footings and foundation with design and Australian standards.
  • Frame Stage: This stage inspection is conducted to confirm that doors, windows are installed in accordance with specifications.
  • Lock-up stage: In this stage, the inspection of roofing, flashing, plaster, brickwork is carried out to rule any defects.
  • Fixing or waterproofing stage: This inspection focus on the waterproofing of the wet areas along with any other defect in the property.
  • Handover stage: The last inspection is carried out to ensure that the building reflects the approved plans and all components of the building comply with relevant Australian Standards and Building Codes.

The inspection must be carried out by trained and experienced inspectors who have an in-depth understanding of local building guidelines, construction practices, and common issues. The report of an inspection for each stage is handed over to the owner and builder to rectify the listed problems. During each stage of construction, every inch of the property is inspected to identify any visible, hidden, and potential risk.

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Why new home Stage inspection Is necessary In Werribee?

According to research, all the new build properties are prone to have defects. These defects involve structural faults, fatal risks, water risks, and health hazards. These problems could be due to poor design, inferior material, poor workmanship, and natural reasons. If these defects are addressed at right time, they can cost thousands of dollars for the owner to fix or may make your property uninhabitable.

The minor defects such as paint blemishes, plasterboard dent, missing fitting, etc. do not pose any threat to the house or its occupant but the cumulative cost to fix these defects could surprise you. The housebuilder does not have the required skills and tools to identify these issues.

Only a competent building inspector can identify all the defects in the property and save you from the expensive repair at a later stage.

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New Home Inspection Werribee

How To Ensure That I'm Getting The Best Quote?

There are many companies providing new construction inspection service in Werribee. The new house builder should consider the following critical factors when finalizing quotes for a new building inspection in Werribee.

  • The Qualification: The  inspector must have specific qualifications such as a degree in surveying
  • Experience: Local experience helps to detect common defects.
  • Insurance Cover: Ask for a copy of the insurance cover
  • Inspection Inclusions: Confirm what is included in the inspection
  • Inspection Exclusions: Confirm what is not part of the inspection
  • Report Quality: Ask for a copy of the report to assess the quality of the report

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Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit community service that helps houses builder with a new building stage inspection in Werribee. Finding a good inspector is a daunting task and we help the Australian property buyers with new house inspection quotes from the local experts. The house builder saves $104.7 on average as compared to the market price for a similar service. 97.9% of the home builders have referred us to friends and family. Being a not-for-profit organization, we do not have to compromise for profit and you get the best service and the lowest price.

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