Home » Blogs » This Is Exactly What You Should Expect from a building and pest inspection Report

Home » Blogs » This Is Exactly What You Should Expect from a building and pest inspection Report

This Is Exactly What You Should Expect from a building and pest inspection Report

Purchasing of property is one of the biggest investments and most people will make in their lifetime. Furthermore, no matter how well-designed and well-designed homes are, they are still subject to structural problems due to dilapidation and downtime. That’s why it’s so important to make your investment as sound as possible, which can help reduce any potential problems down the track.

Before building, buying, or renovating doing a building and pest inspection will not only give you peace of mind, it will ensure your home lasts a lifetime!


  • The interior of the home
  • Interior roof space.
  • The exterior of the house and any buildings in the building
  • Lower space where access can be made
  • Exterior roof, including gutters
  • Fencing up to 30 meters from the building and within the boundaries of the site.
  • Hot water service and when fully connected and efficient
  • Wet areas, such as toilets, laundry, and kitchens to find out if there are leaks and if things are closed properly
  • Staircase and if there are any mistakes or issues you should be aware of
  • Type of building materials, like logs or bricks
  • In the case of stumps, whether wood or concrete
  • The condition of the entire home and any outdoor buildings, such as sheds and garages
  • Whether the house is installed and what type of installation is available
  • Cracks in houses, roads, sidewalks, and outdoor buildings and whether this appears to be the appearance of living cracks or something that needs immediate repair
  • Breathing of goods
  • Door condition, windows, and all locks and whether it is adequate or necessary

What People Should Expect in a ‘Building Inspection Report’

  • The building and pest inspection report will contain detailed details regarding all aspects of the character, from the inside to the outer parts. The report will include basic areas such as roof, walls, electricity, water pipes, foundation, gas, and anything related to the character structure of the character.
  • The report can include details about installation such as air conditioning systems, heaters, doors, windows, and already determine if the equipment is working.
  • The building and pest inspection report should contain details of errors, if any, from the cause to the extent of the error. Photos will be taken of broken or defective parts. Building and pest inspections will provide recommendations on the report on how such errors can be resolved.

When a building and pest inspection report reveals problems, for example, an electrical system or termite infestation, it will be up to you to decide if you still want to continue shopping. The experts in building inspections and pests they offer can only give you recommendations, not provide feedback. Therefore, make sure that the report you receive is easy to read and complete so that you can make an informed decision.