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A typical new home inspection in Sutherland  gives you a detailed report of the home you hope to buy, but does not tell you everything.

Depending on the age, location and location of the home you are considering, you may need additional testing. Radon tests, termite tests, fungal tests and foundation tests are some of the most common home inspections. 

Here are some of the home inspections in Sutherland, and why your inspector might recommend – or you might want.

What is included in the new home inspection in Sutherland?

New Home Inspection SutherlandHome inspectors usually perform a visual inspection of all parts of the building that are easily accessible. That leaves out any unsightly objects, such as other insect pests, as well as any hard-to-reach areas.

The most common home components included in the Sutherland home inspection:

Parts of the building (floor, walls, roof, stairs).

Exterior parts (siding, attached decks, balconies).

The roof.

Water pipes.

Heating and air conditioning.

Large machines.



Wooden stove and stove.

Windows and doors.

Different types of new building assessments in Sutherland

Depending on what they find, your home inspector may suggest some of these additional tests. They may also recommend that an experienced retailer diagnose any problems (having an electrician check the faulty cables, for example).

Radon testing

Radon is a odorless, colorless gas that is the result of the gradual decay of radioactive material on Earth. It is extracted from spring water, building materials and soil, and can penetrate your home through cracks.

Long-term radon testing (over 90 days) is often recommended; but if you try to close the city, you do not have the luxury of waiting for three months. What can you do?

First, ask the seller if you have any previous radon test results. If they do, these results can give you a point of comparison. In any case, you can get a new short-term test. A professional radon tester may be able to report results within days of completing the 48-hour test. Alternatively, they can use an off-the-shelf kit to check radon levels for yourself, but you will need to send a device to the lab and wait to get results.

Inspection of Wood-destroying organisms (WDO)

Commonly referred to as termite testing, wood-destroying animal testing ensures that your future home does not already have six-legged tenants. Termites, wood beetles and wood ants are among the most closely related pests, though WDO inspectors will also look for dry mold caused by mold.

Many states require WDO testing to close home, and even outside those states, cities or regions may require one. WDO testing may be required regardless of location.

During the WDO test, the examiner will look for signs of active attack, signs of past attacks and possible problem areas. You will receive a detailed report on the findings, as well as suggestions for dealing with any issues that arise.

Fung test

The EPA’s recommendation for mold testing is actually that if you see mold, you have mold – and you may need to go straight to fix it. But if you are worried about what you can see (or smell), home mold tests may be routine.

A mold inspector uses a moisture meter to detect moisture in drywall, insulation and other building materials. They may also take air samples inside and outside the home.

Basic assessment

The home inspector will look at the foundation of the house and identify potential problems such as drainage problems, roots of nearby trees, cracks or other signs of movement. If there are any concerns, the inspector may recommend that the property be inspected by a residential engineer.

A structural engineer can provide a thorough assessment of the foundation, identify the causes of any problems and explain how they can be solved.

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