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Should I Get a Building Inspection in Denver?

Building Inspection Denver - Benefits

Building inspection in Denver is must to protect you from unknown major and minor building defects. 

Do you know that house is one of the biggest purchases of your life?  And since it is your most expensive purchase, you want to make sure that it is done in the right way. You want your finances to be protected. Hiring a building inspector is one of the ways which may seem expensive in the beginning but many more benefits over the cost.

There could be many horrors in the houses in Denver where houses have been found with serious problems. It may be difficult to think that your dream house may have issues but it is more painful when you are told that you have to spend thousands of dollars to repair the problems. This repair could have been easily avoided by hiring a reputable building Inspector in Denver.

Unfortunately, people are not aware of the fact that hiring a professional building inspector is necessary. When buying a new home, you are excited to move in, decorate it in your own way, and live in it after a wait of many months. But a bitter truth is that most sellers are not honest enough to disclose the true condition of the house to quickly sell the property.

When you are buying property worth hundreds of thousands, you should be wary of this possibility and make efforts to ensure that the property you are going to buy purchase is worth its price. A good building inspector will be systematic and here are some of the things, the inspector will be checking during building inspection in Denver.

  1. Ground – The building inspector will check the ground or floor in the property such as pathways, walls, railing, and sheds. The inspector will also check the trees, shrubs, and other garden items. The grading is evaluated and puddles are identified.
  2. Structure – The structure of the building is one of the most important aspects before buying the property. It should be solid and sturdy. The inspector will check the alignment of sides and if windows are square.
  3. Roof – Roofs defects are common and the building inspector should inspector its property. The inspector checks the roof for flashings, shingles, fascia, broken tiles, leaks, faulty gutters, water damage, mold, dampness, and other issues.
  4. Building’s exterior – This is the first thing buyers notice and so defects in the exterior are covered by sellers. The decay, rot, cracks, flaking, dents, blistering are some of the common problems that building inspectors identify
  5. Doors and windows – Doors and windows not only help you to look inside the house but also into the condition of the building. You should have the door and window checked properly. Cracks above the door frames, windows out of squares are indications of serious problems underneath. The rotting of the door and frames is another thing to check.
  6. Interior – Building Inspection Council will recommend checking the mushy frames and strained ceilings or walls as these are indicators of water problems. They will also check insulation under the walls is functioning or not.
  7. Kitchen – The kitchen is one of the areas that are prone to building defects and need careful inspection. The inspector will check whether range-hood fans are venting outside and sinks have no leaks. The inspector will ensure that there is a ground fault circuit interrupter within 6 feet from the sink. The proper functioning of cabinet drawers and doors is checked.
  8. Plumbing – Water leaks and water penetration is the number 1 problems in the houses in Denver. The main reason for these problems is faulty plumbing and plumbing issues. The inspector will evaluate the drains, pipes, joints, leaks, water pressure, and water temperature.

A building inspection provides all this information and much more when you hire a building inspector. Finding a good building inspector for a building inspection in Denver is a challenge and Building Inspection Council can help you. Click Building Inspection Denver for free quotes.

On average, a building inspection should cost between $400-$600 for average size houses in Denver.

You should do your own research as there are many qualified building inspectors. The building inspection council provides free quotes for a building inspection in Denver from pre-verified building inspectors.

During the building inspection, the interior, exterior, roof cavity, roof exterior, the foundation is covered. The inspector provides you an extensive report containing all the major and minor defects.