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We provide free quotes for the new home inspection in Melton and surrounding suburbs such as Melton West, Melton South, Brookfield, Kurujang, and Harkness. Finding a good new home inspector in Melton is a challenge.

An unqualified building inspector is prone to miss defects in your new home. These overlooked defects can lead to huge losses in form of the repair costs. An building assessment from a competent inspector could have saved you from all this loss. Also, it is frustrating and time-consuming to fix these defects which should have been repaired by the builder in the first place.

There is a significant percentage of incompetent inspectors in Melton without any qualification and knowledge about the trade. Being an unregulated industry, many people jumped into the trade to exploit the situation. People do buy max 1 or 2 houses in their lifetime so they hardly have any experience in dealing with building inspectors and often failed to identify a good one from the dodgy one.

We at Building Inspection Council connect the property buyers with right and qualified building inspectors in Melton, Melbourne, and regional areas.  We verify our inspectors on strict criteria before referring for quotes.

What Is New Home construction Inspection?

The new building or home inspection is the monitoring of the quality and standard of material and workmanship during the construction of the house. The construction defect assessment is conducted in 4-5 stages in sync with the different stages of construction. The 5 inspection stages are:

Pre-Pour Stage: The floor slab is the very foundation of the whole home. The slab is evaluated pre-pour to confirm the dimensions are per plan. The inspector will confirm the location of drainage as per plan; evaluate any cracks in the concrete and quality of workmanship.

Pre Drywall: The house is built on timber framing which should be strong and assembled as per design. The inspector checks if the walls and roof trusses are framed properly in accordance with Australian standards.

Pre-lockup: The checking is carried out after the installation of the roof, exterior brick/veneer, pipes for plumbing, and pipes for electrical, gas pipes. The inspector will look for the quality of the workmanship of inside and outside components before the insulation and wall lining.

Pre-Handover: The home is essentially complete by this time so this is the last quality assessment of the building. The pre-handover examination is very detailed and includes checking of every part of the house. The inspector report every issue including the minute one to make sure the owner gets problems free home.

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Why New home stage Inspection Is Necessary In Melton?

If you think that your new house is brand new construction and there would be any defects then you cannot be more wrong. There could be both major and minor problems in your brand new houses and you may lose thousands of dollars if professional inspections are not carried during the construction.

The major defects may damage your property or hurt the occupant of the property. The common defects are structural defects, drainage grading issues, electrical problems, and plumbing problems. As an unstrained property buyer, you are not able to recognize these issues and need professional help.

The minor defects include the blemished paint job, dented lining, missing fittings, and unfinished work. The problems are more aesthetic concerns and health issues. The minor issues may not be a concern but the collective expense to fix these issues may shock you.

Builder covering taking shortcuts to maximize the profit is quite common and there are thousands of examples of immoral and unprofessional behavior of the builders. These builders cover the problems using creative methods.

An independent building inspector reveals all the problems to you at every stage before the final payment of the stage. This ensures that all the defects and deviations from the standards are fixed before it is too late.

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What to look in a new building stage inspection Quote?

There are many companies providing new house inspection services in Melton.  The new homeowner should consider the following factors while hiring an inspector for their dream home in Melton.

Qualification: The new home inspector must have a relevant qualification in the field

Experience: The inspector should have enough experience in new construction inspection in Melton for the knowledge of local defects and building practices.

Insurance: The building inspector must have adequate insurance cover in case of any uncontrollable circumstances.

Scope: The owner should check what is covered in the inspection and what is not.

Quality: A copy of the inspection report provides great information about the quality of reporting and scope of the inspection.

Price: The construction stage inspection in Melton should cost between $400 and $600 per stage for an average size house.

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Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit community service that helps houses builder with a new home inspection in Melton. Finding a good inspector is a daunting task and we help the Australian home builders with new house inspection quotes from the local experts in Melton. The house builder saves $104.7 on average as compared to the market price for a similar service in Melton and 97.9% of the home builders have referred us to friends and family. Being a not-for-profit organization, we do not have to compromise for profit and you get the best service and the lowest price.

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