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Do Not Be Deceived by Looks

Looks can be deceptive, so do not let your home looks be the basis for your final decision when buying property in Launceston. Under a newly painted wall, a polished floor, and an interior design can be thousands of dollars of damage just waiting to turn your dream home into a nightmare.

Therefore, we believe that the building and pest inspection in Launceston should be part of your diligence to ensure that your property does not hide problems. At Building Inspection Council, a team of building inspectors, can see these hidden flaws.

Our comprehensive new home inspection in Launceston report can show you a list of all the problems we see during the inspection. We guarantee that we will give you peace of mind and help you negotiate prices so that you can make a better purchase.

4 Common Problems Found during building and pest inspection in Launceston

There are many common problems reported during the new home inspection of a house with insects.

Water Damage

Poorly connected pipes and leaking taps may not be major problems but can lead to significant and less expensive problems. On the other hand, swollen walls and damp or rotten planks may be red flags in the worst cases, leading to structural damage.

Building and Pest Inspection Launceston


Cracks are one of the most common problems found during Building and pest inspection in Launceston. Typically, this occurs as a result of structural stability over time. They can be seen on the outside or on the interior walls and foundation.

However, some cracks may be small and can be easily repaired, while others are more expensive. With the help of our Sydney specialist in pest management, we can advise you on how to repair it if it is minor or provide you with limited costs if we need repairs or renovations.

Termite Damage

Experts of Building and pest inspection in Launceston can identify costly issues such as termite damage and termite work. This is important as termite damage is not easy to detect.

Early term detection can be a problem that is easily treated in Sydney homes. However, in the unlikely event that you see these problems in the area, it is now up to you to decide if you still want to buy it or negotiate a discount from the seller to cover the cost of repairing it.

Illegal Added Features

There are a few instances where homeowners add features to their property, which may not meet Australian building standards and regulations or may be approved by the council. Apart from these problems, authorized home inspectors will determine whether the site complies with the code and the Building Council.

How to choose inspector for your future home?

The quality of Building and pest inspection in Launceston depends upon the quality of the inspector and in this case, there are many things that influence the final result. You should consider the following factor when hiring an inspector for the inspection of a dream house and the biggest investment of your life. 

Qualification: Your inspector should be qualified to conduct a home inspection in an efficient way. Except for Queensland, there is no former requirement to be a home inspector but builders and architects are good well qualified to conduct inspections at your property. The qualification provides them knowledge about the right process and they identify the wrong one. Also, there are many qualifications specifically to equip a person to conduct a building inspection. These courses train the professional where to look for and what to look for. You should not hesitate to ask for proof of qualification. We verify the qualification of each inspector before allowing them to provide you with quotes. 

Experience: Building and pest inspection in Launceston is a hands-on experience job. It needs extensive experience to be a competent inspector. An inexperienced inspector is prone to miss serious defects throwing you vulnerable to an expensive repair. Some of the defects are so serious that can cause the collapse of the house or part of it. An experienced inspector knows the sign of defects and also identifies if the vendor had tried to conceal the problem. We verify the experience of each inspector before allowing them to contact you. 

Price: Although a home inspection is valuable when buying the property you do not need to pay too much for a quality inspection. There are many companies providing quotes of all ranges. Some of these quotes are 2 to 3 times the reasonable price. These companies claim to be premium service provide but same regular inspection. A good quality building and pest inspection in Launceston should cost between $600 to $800 for an average size house.  

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