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Building Inspection in Gold Coast is the only way to get an accurate measure of the state of a house condition. A new coat of paint and other well-placed pictures can hide critical issues. And older and older systems can cost you a lot of money down the road, even if they are currently in good working order.

Building Inspection Gold Coast checklist

What are the features of this  Home Inspection in Gold Coast checklist? Let’s take a look!

  • Air Conditioning (HVAC) Programs

It is easy to see why the HVAC system will be a big part of any home condition test and at the top of the list of many tests. With proper adjustment, air systems can last for years and, in some cases, decades. But an aging or broken system can quickly become a nuisance and costly to implement.

  • Electrical Systems

Testing of the entire electrical system needs to be at the top of anyone’s checklist. Electrical system inspections will provide a complete overhaul, ensuring that all cables, systems, and components are in good working order and that they meet legal safety standards.

  • Plumbing Systems

With most hidden pipeline systems, many problems are not found until they become major and costly problems. In house Inspection in Gold Coast, it will be checked that everything is working as intended, and then we will try to detect any leaks, blockages or damage to the pipes in the house.

  • Fungal Certificates

Mold and mildew are a constant source of moisture, especially in damp areas. Spores and fungal cells are common and completely normal to be found in the air. But as they grow and multiply in the home, it can lead to serious health problems.

  • Doors and Windows

Building Inspection in Gold Coast make sure that we inspect all doors and windows on all property, not only to make sure they are working but also to make sure they are installed properly. Windows and doors could be clearly seen from the outside, but improper construction could not be concealed inside, posing a great danger.

  • Landscape / Sprinkler Systems and Site Drainage

Home Inspection in Gold Coast will make sure that the spraying system is working properly, checking for leaks and any other possible problems. We will also look at the site’s watercourse, ensuring that heavy rainfall does not lead to a flooded building.

  • Driving and Parking Methods

Property  Condition Assessment in Gold Coast will look at driving and parking as part of the checklist. Obviously cracks and potholes will raise red flags, but we will also look at areas that may indicate under-surface problems. We will also look at whether there is adequate drainage, curbs, and sidewalks.

  • Fire Sprinkler & Smokers Systems

Depending on the house and local regulations, firefighting systems will need to be inspected regularly. Proper testing to ensure that the smoking machines are working properly is also important. Early detection can save lives.

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