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Getting building and pest inspection in Albury

Building and Pest inspection in Albury provides you all the information about the house you are intending to buy and a new home inspection in Albury is applicable if you are constructing a new one.

According to research done by mozo.com, 100% of houses have building defects. The average cost to fix these building defects is $6,434 for apartments and $5,839 for houses. Even a minor water leakage in the washroom can cost $15000. Building Inspection Council helps you to find genuine expert building inspectors to protect you from all these losses.

Building and pest inspection Abury

If you are buying an existing home in Albury, then you need a building and inspection before the exchange of contracts. Building and pest inspection covers all the safely accessible parts of the house and provides you with easy to understand detailed report.  The report contains all the information about the items inspected, the process followed for inspection, the scope of the inspection, and the tools used for inspection. The inspection report also details the information about the defects, severity of defects, scope of the defect, and recommended course of action. The report is a great tool for property buyers in numerous ways. It lists all the fatal risks and health hazards in the property. The minor and major problems in the house are mentioned in the report for the awareness of buyers.

The inspection report is very helpful in price negotiation with the seller. As the report reveals all the minor and major problems true condition of the property is not secret anymore. Once the cover-ups are off from the defect, the buyer can negotiate based on the true value of the property.

New Home inspection in Albury

When you are building a home then you need a new home inspection in Albury. The home inspection is a set of 5-6 inspections that are carried out at the critical stage of construction. The inspection provides the report about problems in the construction for that stage. These problems may be due to poor workmanship, poor management, wrong or inferior material, faulty design, or other natural reasons. The identified faults are reported to the owner and builder for rectification before the commencement of the next stage. This saves time and avoids conflict between builder and owner to fix the piled-up issues at the end of construction. At that level, many defects need significant demolishment to fix problems. This will lead to heavy losses to the builder and owner accepting a house with problems. The inspections are carried out at pre-pour level, Pre-frame level, pre-lockup level, Handover level.

Whether you are getting building and pest inspections or new home inspections, it is important to have an experienced and licensed inspector to conduct an inspection.

Choosing a good home inspector in Albury

How will you make sure that a building inspector is a genuine building inspector with proper qualifications and expertise? You do not have any means to verify their knowledge and the price they are asking. There are many companies in Albury charging $800-$1200 for standard inspection. These companies claim to be providing premium services. A quality independent building inspection should cost you approximately $500 for an average size house in Albury.

We have a proper system to verify the home inspector for their license, experience, qualification, and insurance. Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit community service that provides free quotes to property buyers in Albury. We pre-verify each building inspector for their qualification, license, experience, and insurance. The best thing about being a not-for-profit organization is that we do not have to compromise on anything for profit and you get the best service for the lowest price. Click building and pest inspection in Albury or new home inspection Albury for quotes for respective service.

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