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Everything About Building and Pest Inspection in Melton

We’ve all been there – you buy something that you thought was a steal but ended up being too good to be true, and what’s worse is that it even came with hidden problems.

Building and pest inspection in Melton will let you know the condition of the property so you can ensure that it’s safe and ready for occupancy. These inspections can also help save property buyers against investing in fault-ridden properties, as the reports reveal any hidden issues that a property may have.  

To make sure you’re not in for a not-so-welcome surprise in your next real estate purchase, we answer all your questions about building and pest inspection in Melton. 

What are building and pest inspection?

Building and pest inspections are thorough and in-depth investigations of a property or a building, usually done before a property purchase. 

The inspections involve a licensed building and pest inspector examining all parts of the property through an ocular inspection, as well as by using several types of technical equipment, including thermal imaging, moisture meters and color digital photography

These inspections are done to provide a comprehensive and detailed report that will reveal the current and true condition of a property. It is designed to protect a buyer during the purchasing process by arming them with information about potential issues before they decide to invest valuable time and money into a property. 

Why are building and pest inspection important? 

Here are some of the reasons why building and pest inspection in Melton should be on a buyer’s to-do list: 

You will be informed about the true condition of a property

While you may pride yourself on being detail-oriented, there are nasty surprises that a property can hide from the untrained eye.  

When you do an ocular inspection of a property, oftentimes, you are only looking at the surface and you are unable to see the hidden defects. Another common knowledge in the industry is that more often than not, sellers will take steps to hide minor and major structural issues to make the property presentable and attractive to potential buyers. 

This means that unless you’re a tradesman or a real estate industry expert, you won’t be able to know if there are roof leaks, ceiling problems, water damages, problematic walls and pest infestation. 

With a building and pest report, you won’t be caught out by any nasty, unexpected surprises. Because you will get a detailed building and pest inspection report – which includes both the good and the bad about the condition of the property – it can help you make an informed decision moving forward. As a buyer, this means you can haggle the price or demand to have the defects patched up before you finalise your purchase. 

It can save you money 

One of the top reasons why people forego building and pest inspection in Melton is because they see it as an added expense. 

Conversely, spending on building and pest inspection is going to save you money. Being aware of the current state of the building will help you prepare for your next move. People who spend on building and pest inspection in Melton have done the needed repairs and pest control to refurbish the building.

Pinpointing defects early will give the buyer a head start in repairing them before the problem becomes more serious. If you wait a little while longer, the condition of the property could worsen and could mean more costly repairs in order to fix the damage.

The resale value will increase 

A property’s value is largely influenced by its structural integrity and condition. On this note, a dilapidated property will cost less than one that is well maintained.

When you do a building and pest inspection in Melton, you can increase the resale value of a property. By doing the necessary repairs, you will also be able to maintain the structure of the property and increase its value.

Without a building and pest inspection, a property owner will not be able to do the needed repairs, and in turn, the value of your home will depreciate.

Why do I need both a building and a pest inspection? 

It’s advised to commission a combined building and pest inspection in Melton because it will provide you with a complete evaluation of the current state of the property.

A building inspection’s scope is only on structural defects and hazards. What will determine the presence of any termite or pest infestations around and inside the building will be a pest inspection itself.  

What will the property inspector check and examine?

A building and pest inspector should examine all the accessible areas of the property, which includes the exterior and interior of the real estate. This also covers all the roof space, the underfloor space, the roof exterior of the property. The actual site of the property should also be inspected. 

Aside from checking the physical condition, the property inspection will also check if termites and pests are also present. 

Your building inspector will also check the condition of the following parts of the building:

  • Fencing
  • Retaining walls
  • Garage
  • Steps
  • Toilet
  • Garden shed
  • Driveways
  • Laundry
  • Walls
  • Paths
  • Surface water drainage

What should be included in a report?

Based on the findings of a building and pest inspection in Melton, a building and pest report is written up. Generally, a pest and building inspection report should contain the following information:

  • Name
  • Property address
  • Purpose of the inspection
  • Date of the inspection
  • The extent of the inspection done on the property 
  • Lists of places and items that were not inspected, along with the reason why it was not included in the inspection and a recommendation for further investigation if necessary
  • A summary of the general condition of the property, including minor and major defects
  • A detailed list of all the problems that require repairs
  • A recommendation for another inspection if needed
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