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Home » Blogs » Do I Need a Home Inspection with New Construction?

Do I Need a Home Inspection with New Construction?

You may think that a home test is not necessary if the house is built from scratch and your specific needs. Would it be a waste of time and money? That depends on how you look. New home inspection in Bendigo can provide important details on home construction, as well as the opportunity to prevent expensive renovations later. Even new homes have their flaws.

What is a New Home Inspection in Bendigo?

New Home Inspection in Bendigo is a third-party inspection of a building, systems, and other important features. The inspector will inspect your property and give you a report on their findings. You can then go to a dealer (in this case, the builder) to fix any problems before you close home.

In short, inspecting can help you ensure that you find a safe and secure environment. You do not have to make many adjustments before you enter — or worse, after that.

New Home Inspection in Bendigo are an option, but many homeowners are getting it, often because their real estate agents are urging them to do so.1

Common Problems Found in New Houses

It may seem that new homes should be complete, or close to, but many say that they often have hidden problems. Some of the common problems encountered during the inspection of new houses include structural defects such as foundation cracks, faulty grading, and structural defects.

Water flow problems and phases can be problematic, as they can cause water damage later on. Windows may leak. There may be HVAC problems, including malfunctioning or loose thermostats in the connection.

Electrical problems, such as cordless wires, open spaces, and missing switch plates, are commonplace. And there are no plumbing problems, such as heat / cold faucet, faulty plumbing, leaks, and more.

Experts say they often find projects that have not been completed. This may include a lack of inputs, handrails, or only slightly inserted items, or missing hardware pieces.

How Many Building Inspections Do You Need?

It is advisable to check two or three times in the area. The three types are very common and are advised.

Basic Assessment

The foundation test or “pre-pouring” takes place just before the foundation is poured. It ensures that the site is excavated and arranged to the right, and that all anchors and foot are separated at the right distance and in place. The stage is designed for a solid and durable home. The builder can make changes before pouring the foundation (after which there is usually no going back).

Frame Check

Frame testing or “pre-drywall / sheetrock” occurs after the frame has been built. The roof is open, and windows are installed, but the sheetrock and walls have not yet been installed.

The inspector can ensure that the beams, beams, poles, and other parts of the structure are properly installed. They can check for items such as cords, water pipes, window lights, and other problems that will be hidden behind walls. Your builder may be able to repair them before proceeding with the project if problems arise.

Final Test

The third and final Building Inspection in Bendigo is the same as what you would have in any resold area. It ensures that the home is safe. Completed according to area code and building standards.

Anything your inspector finds at this point should also be repaired by your builder before closing.

New Home Inspection in Bendigo