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New Home Inspection in Denver

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Checklist For New Home Inspection in Denver

There are many steps to the home purchase process, but few are as effective as new home inspection in Denver.

A Professional new home inspection in Denver can be exposed any potential problems before closing the home. After doing research and testing options, you should have a professional home inspector you can rely on who knows what to look for in each part of the home. However, understanding what the examiner wants can help you ask questions to better understand the extent of the damage. This checklist is a complete overview of what you should look for in a home exam.

New Home Inspection Denver

Grounds and External Structures

  • The base appears to be in good condition without significant cracks
  • No evidence of leaks in the septic tank
  • Dispose of sewage away from the house without standing water
  • Exterior walls look straightforward without collapse
  • Forms and doors appear square
  • Siding appears to be in good condition with no cracks or damage
  • Bricks appear undamaged and have no cracks in the joints
  • The paint is impermeable or stainless
  • Shingles on the roof are not lost or damaged
  • Gutters do not rot and do not wet well
  • The chimneys appear to be straight and undamaged
  • Separated garage, shed, fence, and deck appears to be in good condition without rotten wood or termite-proof.

Ground floor

  • No moisture proof
  • There is no evidence of water damage above the floor
  • The sump pump works well


  • There is no evidence of contamination on the roof
  • The structure shows no damage or decay
  • Adequate ventilation through soffit pipes and end louvers
  • Insulation is adequate and well installed
  • Electrical fragments are available


  • The exposed pipes under the sink are in good condition and show no signs of water damage
  • Adequate water pressure for hot and cold water in all buildings
  • Bath, shower and sink that drain water well
  • The toilets are flexible and well-stocked
  • The toilet is stable, with no vibrations or stains
  • There is no evidence of leaks near the base of the bathtub or shower

The kitchen

  • The exposed pipes under the sink are in good condition and show no signs of water damage
  • Outdoor ventilation holes
  • Garbage disposal works
  • The water flow at sunset is adequate and well-drained
  • Built-in electrical appliances work well

Interior Rooms

  • The floor, walls, and ceiling look straight and level with no visible bumps, cracks, or damage
  • Doors open easily and connect properly when closed
  • Lights and switches work well
  • Adequate number of electrical outlets in each room
  • Heating and air vents in all rooms
  • The fireplace is not cracked and does not show spots
  • Institutional publications are cleaned and lined up
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide receivers are effective and efficient
  • Stairs and stairs are sturdy

Electrical systems

  • The cables are in good condition
  • The service panel has the standard capacity and well-connected cables
  • Cables are secure and secure
  • No electrical wiring is shown

Heating and Cooling Systems

  • No gas smell
  • Air conditioning and heating work well
  • Air filters are clean
  • The currents have no open seams and are slow in connecting to the chimney
  • The cooling unit has no visible corrosion

Water pipes

  • Visible pipes have no damage or are leak proof
  • Water heater does not show signs of rust
  • Water pressure falls at an acceptable level
  • Hot water temperature does not exceed 125-degrees Fahrenheit

When you buy a house, the last thing you want is a surprise. Amazing renovations lead to unexpected expenses, which can easily dampen the excitement of your new home. By bringing in a qualified home inspector, you can limit the risks of future repairs and get the information you need to make the right decision for your future. To prepare yourself, we recommend that you print out this checklist and keep it functional while new home inspection in Denver.

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