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Building Inspection Canberra - Responsibilities of Inspectors

Building Inspection Canberra

When you do find a likely property, it’s essential to arrange a licensed and experienced building inspection in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or Geelong – it doesn’t matter where you are purchasing. This small investment in a professional inspection will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your property is free from serious structural and pest defects, saving you thousands of dollars in the future.

There is no doubt that purchasing a house is life’s biggest financial decision. With a like bit of preparation and specialist advice, you avoid common mistakes which may turn your dream home into a nightmare when buying a house or unit in Canberra.

Roles and Responsibilities of Building Inspector in Canberra

Hiring a building inspector in Canberra will be a great choice only if he fulfills the following roles and responsibilities.

  1. Checking structure: The structure of the building is the most crucial part of the building as the whole building is standing on it. The inspector must check the foundation to ensure that there are no cracks or damage to it. There could be cracks in the walls which must be checked thoroughly. Any crack in the foundation or walls may be due to shifting of foundation or settling of the foundation. The minor cracks are not problems but larger or wider cracks must be checked by an expert.
  2. Access: The house that you are planning to buy may be impressive but if it lacks proper access and exit, it is unsafe for everyone. As the inspector, he should make sure that house occupants have proper access to the road. Any emergency vehicle (Ambulance and fire brigade) must be capable to enter the building.
  3. Electrical: Electrical faults are one of the most causes of fire in buildings. The inspector should ensure that the house has proper wiring which is a vital aspect when it comes to inspection. Before buying a house or apartment, it is essential that the buyer get the electrical inspection done by an expert. As a buyer, you should ensure that person conducting the inspection carries out the job in a professional way. He or should check wiring and other electrical aspects of the property.
  4. Water Leaks: Water leaks are the most common building defect in Canberra and may go on for years unnoticed under the surface. This lead to many other problems due to the damage caused by water from the leak. A qualified building has the responsibility to check all the areas which are prone to water leaks such as washroom, kitchen, and other wet areas. The mushy odor, change in color or surface, and mold is some of the indicators of water leaks.


A building and pest inspector will check any abnormalities, malfunction, pest infestation or damage in the interior and exterior of the house and provide you with a report that you can use to make better decisions. It is important to mention here that you need a professional inspector who has competency and experience to carry out the process. The report from these inspectors is extremely important when buying the property. Finding a qualified inspector in Canberra could be challenging. You should invest some time in your own research or hire through Building Inspection Council

Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit community service for property buyers in Canberra. The organization provides free building inspection quotes from expert inspectors in your areas such as Canberra, Barton, Yarralumla, Forrest, Deakin, Red Hill, and others. On average, the property buyers save $104.7 as compared to the market price for the same service for similar size property. 97.9% of users of free quotes have referred us to their friends and family. The thing about being a not-for-profit organization is that we do not have to compromise on anything for profit and you get the best service at the lowest price.

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The main responsibility of building inspector is to find the problems in the property which may fatal, hazardous and list any structural and other defects. This helps the buyer to know the true condition of the house.

The cost of building inspection in Canberra ranges from $400 to $600 for an average size house. The cost of building and pest inspection is approximately would cost you $200 extra.

You should spend some time to do your own research. The inspector should be qualified and experienced. One of the easy ways is to get quotes from Building Inspection Council. They are not-for-profit organization and pre-verify each inspector before quoting you.

Building Inspection Canberra