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10 Ways You Can Fail a Building Inspection

The point of the building test is to find out what problems the home may have. Obviously, it is very important for both the home seller and the prospective buyer that the property has passed the inspection. Passing means no serious problems were found. Building Inspection in Ballarat is just a visual inspection of its condition. Think of it as an annual survey. Failed Building Inspection is like finding something bad in your physical time. As your doctor, the inspector will identify all items that need to be repaired or replaced.

Building Inspection Ballarat


What is covered in the Inspector’s Report?

This will vary depending on the examiner; however, most of the Building Inspection in Ballarat reports will tell you about the status of the following areas:

  • Heating & cooling equipment
  • Pipes and power cords
  • Roof and attic
  • Structural elements
  • The walls
  • Insulation

The job description of the inspector does not include advising their clients on whether to buy a home or not. They simply provide information that clients can use to make informed decisions.

Failure to Inspect Home

Areas of serious concern for the Building Inspection in Ballarat report are those that endanger the health and safety of homeowners. Here are some examples of ways that a home might fail to check:

  1. Low Moisture: Water infiltration is possible in many low-lying areas simply because it is below ground level. Groundwater puts pressure on the lower walls and as it follows a low resistance path, it will create a wet bottom over time. A wet floor can cause spillage of concrete, brick or stone and can cause mold as well. Solutions range from re-aligning the gates to the installation of a sump pump in the basement.
  2. HVAC issues: HVAC systems are the source of many of the problems identified by local inspectors. For example, home appliances may not be sufficient to handle the needs of heating and cooling systems, gas-fired stoves may not have adequate ventilation systems. Other problems include broken pipes and improperly installed pipes.
  3. Roof Problems: This is one of the most expensive problems to fix and may be the best shortcut for potential buyers. As roofing materials grow, they are more likely to break down and cause leaks and damage to water; moreover, they tend to wear out quickly if not properly installed. For example, asphalt and wood shingles can be cup-shaped or folded due to age.
  4. Attic Moisture Problems: Improper installation, ventilation or vapor barriers can lead to moisture in the roof. Moisture on the roof can cause mold and mildew. Problem solving involves finding and repairing a moisture source.
  5. Electricity problems: The home electrical service must meet current standards. Observers of electrical problems that they often encounter include overuse, which is a term used to differentiate between wire and over current protection. Excessive circuits can cause fires.
  6. Rotten Wood: Any wood used in house construction can be affected by moisture and age. This includes your wooden floors and door frames. Inspectors will check the wood areas in the home to see if they are rotten.
  7. Security Issues: This is not related to your security system; this test section includes testing your basic security features. The inspector will inspect the appropriate window locks and doors as well as smoke detectors and carbon monoxide.
  8. Problems with Structure and / or Foundation: One of the basic building blocks is the fact that a solid foundation is important in the structure of a building. The inspector will look at the foot and foundation of the home. Signs of foundation problems include cracks in walls and doors that fail to connect or that stand.
  9. Piping Problems: It is not uncommon for an inspector to find at least one pipe problem. This can include anything from dripping taps to slow-moving drains. Fortunately, these problems are usually simple and inexpensive to solve. The important thing to worry about.
  10. Wrong Masonry: Chimney cracks are among the most common stone-building problems. In many cases, this happens over time because of the weather. If the inspector finds cracks starting at the bottom of the chimney and rising to the top, there may be a major structural problem.

The good news about a failed Building Inspection in Ballarat is that almost any problem can be fixed. The fungus can be repaired and a trained electrician can remove and replace the cords of newborns. The best option for a seller who has had problems exposed to testing to fix them. Another option is to not fix the problems and sell the home at a lower price. The problem with that second method is that the seller may reduce the home by unknowingly exceeding the cost of fixing the problems. Also, buyers may be reluctant to invest in a property that will need immediate repairs.

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