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Home » Blogs » 5 Common defects found during a Building and Pest Inspection

5 Common defects found during a Building and Pest Inspection

This post will provide information on common problems we find during Building and Pest Inspection in Mackay every day. These errors are irregular and are not at all ‘bad’ mistakes. If you suspect that your home may be suffering from any of the following, feel free to contact us for the best course of action Mackay.

  • Pest stickers are not in the meter box

Through Building and Pest Inspection in Mackay, we find that most houses were built ten years ago, and some new ones do not have insect stickers in their meter boxes. Insect service stickers are small signs that usually stick inside a meter box; sometimes in the sink cabinet in the kitchen which is filled with the type and date when any treatment or examination was performed. The placement of these stickers has been a requirement for building houses built from 1990 onwards, however, some pest suppliers have not yet complied with the law. If the insect service stickers are not in the meter box in accordance with AS 3660, there is no way to know what type of treatment has been used or if there is any ant termination.

  • Moisture found under the living space

It is common for houses with subfloors (pillars) to have moisture underneath. This may be due to the turbulence of the water around the house which allows water to enter the basement through the outer walls, or it may be the result of underground humidity rising to the surface. Having running humidity or shaking under the house can affect the basics in which the foot of the house rests, possibly allowing foot movement that causes cracks in the walls. This moisture can also help with the performance of the ant. We therefore recommend that moisture be kept from entering the house through external wall areas and inspect to ensure that all drainage pipes and other drainage systems are properly connected to the floodwaters. The ground area may also need additional airflow to help dry out these areas.

  • Rust ants, rotten or missing ants

Ants’ hats are pieces of metal or cloth placed between the basic bricks and wood frames. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions. In many old houses and even in new homes we find rusty ants that are rusty, hollow, or sometimes not even at all. Although ants do not always work 100% to store termites, they force termites to swarm around them, making tracking any violations much easier.

  • The ground pipes are connected properly

A common issue in many homes found during Building and Pest Inspection in Mackay is the plumbing or gutters that are not producing enough; this may be because they are blocked, not connected enough, or are cracked and tied. These problems may allow water to flood in and around the house that could erode the soil around the foundations or attract termites.

  • Wood rot

Decaying wood is common in older settlements; seriousness may vary depending on the performance of the timber, as well as the degree of decay. For example, rotting stairs and handrail logs are a big no-no as this can cause great damage to the occupants of the house, and minor rotting of the roof boards may not be a major problem.

Also, if you feel that your home may be a victim of any of these problems and you are concerned about possible deterioration, please do not hesitate to Building and Pest Inspection in Mackay.

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