After dreaming for so long, looking for it and (finally!) Finding it, it may be difficult to contain our happiness in what seems to be our dream home. However, we should try to keep the head cool and realistic.

Buying a property requires a huge investment and it can be embarrassing to ruin the experience unknowingly. Whether you are building a new home, a new home, or an old one, you should always seek the help of an inspector of Building and pest Inspection in Warrnambool for accurate advice on what might be the biggest job of your life.

What is the role of a building inspector?

While potential buyers are not legally required to hire an inspector before signing a deed of sale, the inspector may play a significant role in your purchase decision by inspecting the premises before it becomes your obligation. The test should be scheduled as soon as the conditional offer of purchase is accepted by the seller.

Pre-purchase Building Inspection in Warrnambool are used to analyze and evaluate tangible and accessible home features in an attempt to detect potential problems and hidden disabilities. In particular, the specialist will examine the following factors in an effort to identify possible errors:

  • The roof;
  • Fabrics and foundations;
  • Outer Courties;
  • Thermal and noise insulation;
  • Plumbing and electricity systems;
  • Condition of doors, windows, floor and ceiling.

3 good reasons to call a building inspector before finalizing a purchase

  1. Site assessment helps you plan the work to be done

As mentioned earlier, the role of the inspector is to assess the condition of all the physical elements of the structure. With their expertise, you will provide a neutral view of all potential problems.

After the tour is completed, the inspector of Building and pest Inspection in Warrnambool will give you a detailed report of what they saw. This gives you a summary of all the work required and its value, whether you are urgent or not, small or large. This to-do list will also allow you to predict the additional costs that you will need to invest in the area after the sale is completed.

Inspector report is not a guarantee that there are no errors. Some ‘hidden’ errors may not be detected, but traces of these features can be found. In the event that a hidden defect is found after the sale, an inspection report can help you defend your case before the law.

  1. The inspection report can be used for re-negotiation

Inspector’s alert was not detected? Good! You can continue your purchase and become the owner of the home of your dreams.

Does the report contain information that you are not happy about? The presence of a few minor imperfections should not be used to justify your purchase terms. But if the examiner’s report highlights important issues that require a lot of work, you will have legitimate arguments to support the renegotiation.

You may ask the seller to reduce the sale price by considering the renewal costs required. You may also want as a purchase condition that certain work be done at the expense of the current owner.

In the event that the seller refuses to renegotiate the sale price or pay for the service, you can, as a last resort, withdraw your purchase offer. You will then need to send a notice containing a copy of the test report to the owner and keep proof of receipt of this notice.

Please note that you are not obliged to submit part or all of the seller’s test report as part of a re-negotiation (but you may do so if you wish).

  1. Using a building inspector helps you protect yourself

As mentioned earlier, it is possible that some hidden flaws may not be detected by the inspector. In the event of a dispute over hidden errors, whether a pre-sale test is performed may not affect your case.

Of course, it would be very difficult to make your point if no tests were done. The judge may think you have failed to fulfill your obligations as a consumer and decide against you. On the other hand, having a test report proves that you have taken all the necessary steps to study the structure of the building. So, you have a better chance of winning your case.

The law does not require you to hire an inspector for Building and Pest Inspection in Warrnambool, but it does require that you perform a precautionary measure (by conducting appropriate tests to identify any problems with the structure as an example). So, calling a property inspector is always an informed decision!

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