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Building and Pest Inspection Toowoomba

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What is a pre-purchase building and pest inspection?

If you are new to the property market you may not be familiar with pre-purchase building and termite or pest inspection in Toowoomba or any other suburbs. Link anywhere in Australia, properties in Toowoomba can have lot problems hidden under the surface. 

This inspection is usually done once the seller accepts your offer and has signed a contract. For auctions a little different, you will need to plan the structure and pest testing before the auction is done.

During pest and building inspection in Toowoomba the professionally trained inspector will inspect the premises to detect any defects or defects. This could include any structural damage, timber pests in the area or safety hazards. An inspector may point to problems that are not visible to a person without the experience of building or insect inspections.

Building and Pest Inspection Toowoomba

 At Building and pest inspection in Toowoomba our detailed inspections include internal and external checks, which include:

o Roof space / spaces

o floor / floor spaces

o bathrooms

o laundry

o in the kitchen

o wet areas

o electric

o water pipes

o yard

o stone walls

o outer roof.

Included in the evaluation is a full detailed report on any issues related to the property. This includes checking for minor problems such as leaking taps, on critical issues such as major structural damage or termination of termites.

  • How can a pre-purchased Pest and Building inspection in Toowoomba save money?

Pre-purchased building and pest Inspection in Toowoomba can help you avoid the costs associated with treating insect invasions or fixing major structural problems. Testing will give you peace of mind and may give you the ability to negotiate a lower purchase price.

If you complete the test before the contract concludes and you know the problems before resolving, you have the opportunity to withdraw the contract or negotiate a reduced price. This is especially important when dealing with major issues such as termite infections or serious structural problems.

  • Common problems identified at the beginning of the purchase of the Pest and building inspection in Toowoomba


By planning a pre-purchased building inspection and termite or pest inspection in Toowoomba you can save money over time by identifying problems that could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

  • Essential Repairs

Your examiner has a keen eye for identifying any significant adjustments needed in the test area. If you need to stick to a budget, it can be helpful to know how much you will need to spend on these issues.

  • Structural problems

This is one of the most important reasons to book a pre-purchased building and insect inspection. The inspector will report any building problems with the building, including sundries such as balconies, decks, sheds and ponds.

While some repairs are easy to repair, other damage can cause serious damage and cost considerable money. It is a good idea to have this information before you buy so you can reconsider what is being done or negotiate a reduced price.

  • Electrical problems

Many consumers are plagued by electrical problems as they are often hidden from view and are difficult to detect unless you are a trained professional. Wrong wires can be very expensive to repair, so checking for any electrical problems can save you a lot of money over time.

  • Hazards

Risk identification is not only important to ensure the safety of anyone living in the area, hazards such as asbestos can be costly to remove and cost thousands of dollars to remove.

If you compare the cost of a pre-purchased building and pest inspection in Toowoomba to the potential costs without testing, the answer is clear. It pays to protect you and book a pre-purchase inspection.

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