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 Get up to 3 free quotes for a new home inspection in Hervey Bay and its surrounding suburbs from Building Inspection Council – a not-for-profit community service.

 It is not easy to find reliable and quality inspectors in Hervey Bay for new building inspection. We are providing free quote services in Hervey Bay, Gold Coast Metropolitan, and Regional Queensland from qualified and experienced inspectors. We pre-verify each building inspector on strict criteria for they are allowed to send you a quote.

Property buyers have saved $104.7 on average as compared to the average price of new construction inspection in Hervey Bay and 97.9% of users of services have referred us to their family and friends.

8 things to look for when hiring a building inspector

Pre-purchase New Home stage inspection is designed to inform you of any potential hidden dangers or hidden damage. It is not uncommon for a DIY builder or repairman to repair damage for commercial purposes, so it is important to choose an inspector who knows the tricks of the trade.

Finding a good inspector can be a daunting task if you do not know what to look for, and not all building inspectors are created equal. Here are 8 things to consider when choosing a property inspector.

  1. Are they qualified to be a property inspector?

This may seem like an obvious question to ask, but in Australia no formal qualifications are required for a New building inspection. This means that anyone with a business card can call themselves a “property inspector”.

Take the time to ask your inspector about what industry information they have and how much time they have in the business. A general building inspector is a licensed builder and understands the ins and outs of sound house construction. All licensed builders are given a license number and are required to provide this information. If you have any doubts about their loyalty you can check their registration details.

New Home Inspection HERVEY BAY

Some of the most respected qualifications you should look for in a real estate inspector are surveyors and architects.

  1. Are they experts in the type of assessment you want?

Not every type of New construction inspection will require the same set of skills. Pest inspection will require an expert in tracking and analyzing pests, while a pre-purchase inspector will be well versed in real estate trading. Finding the right person for the right job is important to avoid any sudden surprises behind your mark on the dotted line.

  1. Are they offering thorough inspection?

A thorough inspection of a pre-purchased building can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes – depending on the size of the house and the severity of the problems. As a general rule of thumb your examiner should seek:

  • Cracks in the wall
  • Mold and leaky spots
  • Pit humidity
  • Leaks, water flow and common plumbing issues such as water pressure
  • Active windows
  • Electrical faults
  • Rust frame
  • Low hanging trees, tree rot, root movement
  • Integrity of gate structure and other external structures namely verandas
  • Signs of pest infestation *
  • Integrity of the roof – missing tiles, rust, holes
  • The design of garden beds and retaining walls

This is not a complete list, yet it is a good start.

It is also important to note that in order to get an in-depth analysis of what insects may be hiding in the area you will need to get a separate Insect Testing.

  1. Are they insured?

When choosing a property inspector, you should make sure they have adequate insurance. The professional service must have a Professional Indemnity, to cover the advice they give and the Public Responsibility, to deal with any damage caused by a third party or third-party property.

  1. Do they allow you to be in the Inspection area?

The main indication of an inexperienced property inspector is their reluctance to allow the customer to be present during the inspection.

When we inspect the home, we spend the first part of the inspection alone. This allows us to move through the house and focus on 100% of our energy in better detail. We invite you within the last 15 minutes to address any initial concerns you may have or to clarify our findings.

  1. How much do they charge?

Remember the saying, “Do you get what you pay for?” is very effective in the real estate market. It may be tempting to hire the cheapest inspector on the market, but it is important to consider the quality and accuracy of the service provided. Choosing a inspector of proper inspection  based solely on value can lead to reduced corners and can cost you over time.

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Get Free Quotes for New Home stage Inspection in Hervey Bay - A Not-For-Profit Community Service

Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit community service that helps property buyers in Hervey Bay for a new home or handover inspection. We help Australian property buyers with new home inspection quotes from the local Hervey Bay experts. The house buyers save $104.7 on average as compared to the market price and 97.9% of the user in Hervey Bay has referred us to friends and family. Being a not-for-profit organization, we do not have to compromise for profit and you get the best service and the lowest price.

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